. Ways To Keep Your Home Cool In A Heatwave

Ways To Keep Your Home Cool In A Heatwave

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Anyone who lives in the UK knows that the weather has a mind of its own – from ice-cold winters to summer heatwaves and buckets of rainfall in between. 

But with summer just around the corner and temperatures gradually creeping up again, here are a handful of ways to keep your home cool throughout the hot months ahead. 

Ventilate Your Home 

Before you go racing out to sample a selection of indoor fans, let’s consider how to keep the air flowing throughout your home without extra equipment.

Opening your windows in the summer months provides welcome ventilation throughout your living space. This is particularly helpful for any rooms that spend much of the day in direct sunlight. 

Also, adding shutters to your windows will stop your rooms from getting stuffy, decreasing the need for artificial ventilation.

Dyson Tower Fan

If you’re looking for a super fan that’s going to get to work fast, look no further than the Dyson Cool Tower Fan. This award-winning fan is popular among families due to its bladeless design, making it safe around the poking fingers of young children.

With remote control for ease of use, this fan features up to 10 different airflow settings for your comfort. It’s also said to be almost entirely noiseless, proving ideal for a relaxing, cool night of undisturbed sleep.

Naturally, with so many bells and whistles, this fan does not come cheap. Think carefully before you make any purchase for your home and be sure to set a budget you can afford and stick to it.

Limit The Use Of Household Appliances

While it may slip our minds during everyday life, many of the household appliances we use daily are emitting heat into our homes. The worst culprits for this are our ovens and tumble dryers.

With the warmer weather intact, why not pop your clothes out on the washing line to dry instead? With the ongoing UK energy crisis, reducing our use of electricity is bound to save you on your bills in the process.

This extends to our vacuums, irons, and microwaves – even our laptops can overheat after too much usage! All this collectively adds to the heat within our home, so it’s worth considering cutting back on usage throughout the hot summer season.

Cold Showers

It’s a tale as old as time, but only because it truly works. Cold showers are an instantly accessible way to cool down in an uncomfortable heatwave. By making this temporary switch, you can save on your heating bills in the process.