. Swing The Air With Crompton Fans and Cooler!

Swing The Air With Crompton Fans and Cooler!

Crompton Fans

Can you imagine a household without a ceiling fan? You can’t. These fans are an unavoidable part of our house. But this is one of the most neglected things in space. And in this increasing global warming and increasing temperature you just simply can’t live without it. but in this gen z there are thousands of fans in the market available right now so, getting confused is normal.

But don’t worry just pat on your back that you have clicked this piece. Talking about fans and brands Crompton is the highest growing brand in the market right now.

Crompton fans are the best-selling fans today. They have the solution to every common problem in the fans.

Why Crompton fans?

This needs a paragraph that why Crompton fans are best. But in very short we can discuss on few major points

  • With revenue of 47.50 bn (as ofMarch2021) this is one of the highest growing establishments in the marketplace.
  • Electricity bill is a huge problem for middle-class families and with their new technology, they have succeeded to reduce the bill.
  • Crompton ceiling fans now consist of a powerful dominant motor with a double ball bearing. For this machinery, the fans are smooth and have zero noise.
  • Usually, domestic fans are known to be dust magnets they keep gathering dust in the blades but Crompton fans come with an anti-dust technology with hydrophobic properties so dust particles won’t easily gather in the anti-dust fan.

Table fan Crompton

Sometimes due to unusual positions and construction in the room, we can’t fit a ceiling fan but with the developed table fans this problem can be easily curable. Regarding the Crompton fan price issue, the Crompton table fan price is very much affordable. now Let’s take a look at some of their table fans.


High-speed torpedo TF

This fan has an air delivery speed of 2100 rpm. And consists of thermal overload protection. Overall offers the best performance along with great aesthetics at a modest price.

High flow wave plus TF

Wave flow fans come with plastic blades so noise-free. Has thermal overload protection for long-lasting motors.

Standing fan or pedestal fan

In Crompton, high-speed fan category standing fans or pedestal fans are the best in the business. Their airflow is like a stormy wind flow. For super-speed high-speed torpedo standing fans are best, have an air delivery of 105 CMM. Other products like Crompton storm 450 mm high-speed pedestal fan is the best-selling product in this category with 1400 rpm.

Cooler Crompton

Cooler is another super product to fight the heat. And Crompton is successfully making coolers with fans. Crompton cooler price generally stands in a range of 5000-15000 INR.

Crompton ozone desert 

This 75-liter cooler is there of the topmost ranked coolers today. The unique 4-way air distribution and high-density honeycomb pads. This is the best cooler. You can buy this without any doubt.

Crompton Optimus desert cooler

Air swing and auto drain function are best in this cooler. This has a large capacity of 100 liters which is very useful for a long room and with the 5500 CMH air delivery the air can travel to every corner of the room.

High-speed ceiling fan

As discussed earlier in the ceiling fan category this is no 1 in current times. Not only simple but Crompton has huge options in the ceiling fan category.

Crompton sense decorative

This is a 1200 mm anti-dust ceiling fan. The innovation enables to change of the blades to match the room interior. With a 100% copper-made motor this can produce 380 rpm speed.

Hill Briz 1200 mm

100% copper motor with double ball bearings gives longevity to the product. And for the aluminum blades, this fan can offer corrosion resistance.

Crompton aura and Crompton Energion are also good reviewed products. Crompton ceiling fan price stands in a range of 1000 t0 3000 INR.

Crompton remote fan

Crompton 120 cm 3 blade fan is the latest product. This is a silent pro fan and Crompton’s silent pro fan price range is between 6000-7000 INR.

Crompton wall fan

In the Crompton wall fan category high flow wave plus and Crompton torpedo are best in the business with 2100 rpm high speed this are very useful in small rooms, kitchens, and in bathrooms also.


When it comes to modern-day design and effectiveness there is no competition in front of Crompton fans. advanced motors make it more durable and most importantly these fans are very cost-effective. The anti-dust feature is very exclusive.

So, hurry doesn’t wait for any more point out which fan you want based on your need and grab it from your nearest store. Or you can also buy it from the Crompton store itself.