. How to Wear and Style Oversized Sunglasses

How to Wear and Style Oversized Sunglasses

Oversized Sunglasses

Sunglasses are the perfect fashion accessory for the great outdoors. If you’re searching for a bold look and chic design, it’s time to discover oversized sunglasses. These trendsetters are the must-have, wear-everywhere specs for your favorite outdoor activities. For those interested in wearing oversized polarized sunglasses, we’ll help you explore your options. This guide shows you how to wear big glasses to inspire your style.

Find Your Ideal Fit

Oversized sunglasses are most flattering when they fit nicely on your face. A good tip is to check that your specs rest at your eyebrow line but not above it. Ask an eye doctor if you have questions about the right fit or a frame adjustment.

You can measure at home for the right optical fit. To find your optical fit, grab a ruler or tape measure. Now measure your eye size and nose bridge in millimeters (mm). Another helpful number is your temple length. Together, these measurements can help you find the ideal frames for your preferences or face shape.

Shop by Face Shape

Sometimes it helps to find glasses that fit your face shape. If you have an old favorite pair of sunglasses or reading glasses, you can try the same form for your new polarized specs. Interested in something different? There are glasses to complement everyone’s looks or personality.

Here are some ways to shop for oversized sunglasses that match:


If you have a square-shaped face, you have a prominent jawline to enhance your beautiful smile. Round polarized sunglasses are stylish because they soften angles and add balance to the entire face. Soft square sunglasses and aviators are more must-have choices for their cool rounded appearance.


Round frames are excellent shapes for accenting rounded cheeks. Or make a statement with wide rectangle glasses with big sharp corners. Oversized cat-eye sunglasses feature angles with playful femininity.

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Those with oval-shaped faces can inspire their look with almost any frame shape, including soft square sunglasses and round specs. Wide oversized frames will even out length to create the perfect balance. Enhance your cheekbones with cat-eye sunglasses and eyewear with an upsweep.


Heart-shaped faces are narrower on the bottom than they are on top. Oversized sunglasses are an excellent choice for this face shape because they accent your chin while helping to balance a wider forehead. Try a pair of aviators for a stylish, edgy look. You’ll also look great in round glasses and half-rim frames.


Triangle face shapes are wider on the bottom and narrower on top. You’ll create a beautiful equilibrium with oversized frames that add dimension to your forehead and brow line. A fun way to shop for sunglasses is to find eyewear emphasizing the brow line. Brow bars and cat-eye sunglasses are examples of on-trend looks to match your outfits.


We think delicate details look best on diamond face shapes. A thinner pair of oversized glasses are best for this look. Cat-eye frames can also help to create balance from top to bottom.

Remember sunglasses have a different look than oversized reading glasses. With sunglasses, you can experiment even more with frame shape and appearance. Find a form you like, and then try it for your readers or blue light glasses.

Consider Your Closet 

The beauty of oversized sunglasses is that they look flattering with almost any outfit. Feel free to wear large glasses with casual or formal ensembles. You may desire more than one pair to match everything you own!

Complement Neutral Colors 

If you like a clean and neutral look, go with a pair of oversized glasses in gray or tortoise. Other stylish colors include brown and taupe. Complement everything from swimsuits to a classic white t-shirt.

Play Up Vibrant Ensembles

Pair bright and colorful sunglasses with a sporty tank or a chic sundress. Color block sunglasses make a statement, especially in breezy colors like teal and lime. Mix neutral tortoise with pink or mint for a feminine and vacation-ready aesthetic.

Elevate Classic Outfits

Black oversized sunglasses keep your outfit cool and traditional. Keep it classic with a square design. Black round glasses are often underrated but look luxe. Gold accents and details enhance your timeless appearance. Wear these specs with everything from denim jeans to a leather jacket.

Create a Vacation-Ready Look

Some sunglasses feature a design to capture the imagination. If you’re ready for a vacation, shop for patterns like pink quartz or green tortoise. These colors add even more dimension to oversized sunglasses. Have fun with clear or iridescent eyewear shapes like squares and soft squares. As you pack your bags, pair oversize frames with bold tops in vibrant colors.

Enhance a Vintage Closet

Sunglasses in colors like honey and ginger offer an inviting retro feel, especially when they’re cat-eye glasses or have a brow bar. Elevate your glasses and ensemble with gold accents or a keyhole nose bridge. Bigger glasses are on-trend, so they’re sure to enhance your style. You can also find vintage-inspired sunglasses in colors like bright red and taupe.

Feel Confident in Oversized Sunglasses

Oversized glasses look amazing, but they’re also quite functional. The best news is that everyone can wear stylish oversized sunglasses. The trick is to find a frame shape to complement your face and frame colors to inspire your unique style.

Choose polarized sunglasses or explore reading sunglasses to combine readers with sun protection. There are endless ways to enjoy an on-trend design. When you find the perfect pair of oversized sunglasses, you’re sure to feel more confident and stylish.