. 5 Tips to Help You Combat Acne This Year

5 Tips to Help You Combat Acne This Year

Combat Acne

If you’re someone who has struggled with acne for many years, you may be feeling pretty tired of it and left feeling like you’ve exhausted every option. Even if you do a good job at covering it up and doing your best to highlight other aspects of your beauty, acne can hit your self-esteem and not to mention, also be painful. Here are a few tips to help you combat acne this year: 

Have good hygiene

When it comes to your skin, it’s important to practice good hygiene. While we’re talking about cleaning your face, we’re also talking about your overall self-care. From the cleanliness of your ultra precision slant tweezers that you use on your facial hair to the number of times that you wash your hair on a weekly basis, your hygiene matters when you’re trying to prevent breakouts. 

Find the cause

An important part of taking care of your skin is knowing what’s causing your acne. In some people, your diet may be impacting the frequency of your breakout, while for others, you may not be washing your face often enough. For others, it’s a hormonal imbalance that requires specific treatment. Understanding where your acne is coming from can help you pinpoint the best solution for your situation.

Get medicated cleanser

For serious acne conditions, a medicated cleanser may be required for you to combat your case. It’s important to talk to a professional dermatologist about what can be best for your specific needs so that you’re not throwing away money on useless skincare products that won’t help you.

With the right prescription, you can see your face clear up faster than ever expected. If you have health insurance, consider visiting a dermatologist today.

Keep your skin moisturized

If you want to keep your skin looking healthy and smooth, moisturizing is a must. This is especially true as we go into the colder months of the year when our skin tends to dry up a bit. Moisturizing helps to prevent dryness that can make you look aged and also lead to breakouts, so shop around for a dependable moisturizer for these soon-to-come winter months.

If you’re prone to really dry skin, consider using a moisturizer that offers deep moisturizing benefits. If you have oily skin, look for oil-free moisturizers. This can help you keep further breakouts away.

Be careful with your makeup

If you are someone who loves doing your makeup, you may not want to stop using it out of fear of your acne. If you’re trying to hide your breakouts, not wearing foundation doesn’t seem plausible. The good news is that there are specially formulated options for those who suffer from acne, so instead of rushing to buy a commonly known brand at your drug store, consider shopping for a foundation that is created to help combat acne.

Additionally, make sure you’re faithful in washing your face every day to clean off your foundation and let your pores breathe. Even the best foundation out there needs to be washed away.


In Conclusion

If you have acne but want to decrease breakouts and get clear skin, these simple tips can help you get closer to that goal. Always check in with your dermatologist to find out what steps are right for your specific condition.

There are different types of acne, as well as causes for it, so it won’t always be a one-size fits all solution. However, there are treatment options and simple habits that can help you improve your skin, so get the help you need and start on a solid skincare routine. A happier you is just around the corner.