. 5 Unusual Jobs in the Beauty Industry

5 Unusual Jobs in the Beauty Industry

Beauty Industry

Many aspiring artists have considered a career in fashion. But did you know there are many strange ways to pursue it? Fashion exists in all forms of life, even in ways you would never have expected. You could work as a makeup artist and still find yourself in the wildest of places. If you take a look at job sites such as Jooble, you will find many of these strange listings in their helpful recommendations. We are going to tell you five crazy examples of unusual jobs within the fashion industry. You may take up the offer yourself if you’re interested. 

Working on a Yacht

Many fashion icons enjoy traveling. Quite often they need professionals to come with them as they cross the open world. A fashion assistant, makeup artist, or beauty therapist can be one of those professionals. One of the most stylish ways to travel is with a superyacht. You can work in the field of your dreams while sailing on the open waters. You will visit many exotic locations and possibly learn new styles from your time spent traveling. It’s a great way to get out there and excel in your field. Salary rates of around £21,000 to £45,000 have been listed. 


Influencers have become one of the most sought-after jobs of the modern age. Not only does it take a modicum of fashion knowledge to excel at, but also a keen understanding of social media. You could be advertising all of your favorite fashion products while also advertising yourself. Gain enough followers to become a possible celebrity and earn income through recognition. There will be brands that could come looking for you as their spokesperson. You can use media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to become a professional fashion blogger. This can earn you up to £250 for each post you make.  

Body Painter

If you have wanted to express your art in more creative ways, this position can certainly show it off. A body painter creates artistic expression using a human body as a canvas. You can let your imagination run wild by using different parts of the body. It is kind of similar to tattoo work, only less permanent. The arm can be used to tell a story, an expression can be formed on the stomach. Even the back can hold an entire painting. TV shows and commercials may pay a lot of money to have body paintwork be presented. Models may also look for this kind of work as part of their shows. 

Hair Loss Specialist

Hair Specialist

Hair loss is an unfortunate circumstance that can affect any number of people. This can affect both men and women of any age. Being a hair loss specialist means combining fashion and science to resolve the issue using knowledge from the NHS and a combination of beauty products. The official term for this position is trichologist. People will book appointments with you to work out their “bad hair days.” 

Celebrity Stylist

Have you ever wanted to be the personal stylist of some of your favorite icons? A celebrity stylist is lucky to have the position of dressing, painting, and styling some of the biggest names out there. The position itself can be hard to come by and may take years of experience. The best of the best is expected for such a role, so it will take skills and connections in the industry to get there. With such a job you can get so much in terms of skills and potential. 

Branch Out Your Search

If you ever want to find such a strange and wonderful position, be sure to keep an open mind. Try looking into different fields and departments that relate to skills of beauty. One thing can lead to another and before you know it, you could be styling an astronaut.