. All you Need to Know About Coffee Grounds Disposal

All you Need to Know About Coffee Grounds Disposal

Coffee Grounds Disposal

Are you a coffee person? Then it must be mandatory for you to sip on your warm cup of brewed coffee every morning. But, the only issue you might face in indulging in a rich coffee experience is the coffee grounds garbage disposal. Are you confused about how to get rid of your coffee grounds? Check out this article to learn everything about coffee grounds disposal and get clarification on every question related to it.

Learn about coffee grounds

If you till now don’t know what are coffee grounds, read this paragraph and learn everything about them. Once you have brewed your coffee and poured down the clear coffee into your coffee mug, the remaining used coffee residue lying at the bottom of your coffee mug is coffee grounds. Don’t be surprised but, coffee grounds are very useful if you can accurately utilize them. You can use coffee grounds as a natural exfoliator for removing dead cells from your skin. You can even use coffee grounds for getting rid of insects and pests. If you are fond of gardening, you can use your used coffee grounds as an excellent fertilizer. Besides all these uses, you can utilize coffee grounds in various other ways. However, now let’s come back to the topic of coffee grounds disposal.

can coffee grounds be put down in the sink?

Often you might see people dumping their wasted coffee grounds down the sink. You might have done that too, isn’t it? But, if you are throwing away your coffee grounds in your sink, it is time to stop it! Read further and get all your questions solved. In reality, coffee grounds tend to be very sticky and are not very effortless to remove. The coffee grounds when goes down the sink pipe will stick to your pipe and this will ultimately result in the clogging of your kitchen sink pipe. Due to the super sticky nature of the coffee grounds, removing this stubborn material from your sink pipe would not be a very hassle-free chore. Even if you feel that it is convenient for you to throw your wasted coffee grounds down the sink, do not opt for that. Because, in the long run, this would lead to nothing but a clogged kitchen sink pipe.

Learn about the coffee grounds garbage disposal

coffee grounds

Earlier people used to believe that sinks are the ideal place to dump used coffee grounds. But, that myth has been busted. Now, there is a similar rumor that used coffee grounds can be dumped into the garbage disposal. “can used coffee grounds be dumped in the garbage disposal?” What are your thoughts on this? Are you confused? Let’s clear it all out at once so that you don’t face any more doubt in the future about coffee grounds garbage disposal. Just like sinks, garbage disposals are not fit for disposing of used coffee grounds. The reason for this is, that the garbage disposals do not have the accurate mechanism to up with the coffee grounds and will ultimately end up clogging, just like the kitchen sink pipe. So, if you are looking forward to dumping your used coffee grounds in the garbage disposal, stop that thought right away! Never throw your coffee grounds in the garbage disposal.

How to get rid of a drainage pipe clogged with coffee grounds?

If you have already used your kitchen sink and garbage disposal to dump your used coffee grounds, then the damage is already done. You will slowly notice that your sink would take more time than usual to drain off properly. And this is when you will know that the dumped coffee grounds have done the damage. However, do not panic, you can get rid of them. Just be a little patient and you can clear out your clogged pipes too.

A list of stuff you will need to unclog your drainage pipe is:

  • A Drain cleaner of high quality
  • Plunger
  • Plumber’s snake
  • A mixture of vinegar and baking soda

Procedure to unclog your drainage pipe

  • First, start by putting your drain cleaner into the sink pipe.
  • Next, use the plunger to clear the jam. Do it minutely so that you don’t face any problems further.
  • Next, you need to work with the plumber’s snake.
  • At last, to give your pipe an ultimate cleaning, pour a mixture of vinegar and baking soda into it. Let it sit for some time and at last, run the tap water and wash off everything.

Closing notes

This was all about coffee grounds garbage disposal. Don’t throw your used coffee grounds away into the kitchen sink or garbage disposals. Instead, if you own a garden, utilize the used coffee grounds as a fertilizer. Go through this article very carefully and face no problem regarding coffee grounds garbage disposal in the future.