. Cafe Interior Design: Style, Colors, and Lighting

Cafe Interior Design: Style, Colors, and Lighting

Interior Design

Recently, various cafes and coffee shops have begun to open frequently around the world. Most of them have a beautiful and stylish interior that attracts visitors. Drawing up the design of a cafe is not an easy process, because such a room must be designed taking into account the area and goals of the institution.

Today we will talk about the design features of a cafe and how to choose colors and lighting.

Cafe interior design features

It all depends on what concept your cafe has.

Coffee shop

If we are talking about a coffee shop, then minimalism is popular now because in such a place people can take a break from the visual noise and have a quiet lunch with a cup of coffee or work with a laptop. In such establishments, the minimum number of visual stimuli and the presence of decor items made of natural materials, such as wooden phone stands, are important.

Cafe restaurant

For a cafe restaurant, completely different rules apply. People come to this place to spend an evening with loved ones and relax from a hard day’s work. The restaurant is characterized by a subdued light, soft sofas, and the most comfortable atmosphere. Also, you should make sure that the Instagram account of your restaurant has beautiful photos of the interior. Of course, you still need to buy Instagram followers to gain an audience of potential visitors and attract the attention of residents and guests of your city, but promotion will be easier.

Sports cafe

In the case of a sports cafe, the main thing is to hang several TVs on the walls so that visitors can watch important sports events. It is also worth considering that many come to cheer for their favorite teams in the company of friends, so you need to equip the hall with large tables for companies of up to 10 people. For those who come alone, you can arrange chairs along the bar.

To successfully promote your sports cafe, you need to publish information about it on Instagram and make announcements there about which matches you will show. This will help you quickly gain an audience of potential visitors without frequently ordering advertising. It will be enough to buy real Instagram followers on a special website to promote your cafe in a short time.

Colors and lighting

Of course, this, like interior design, depends on what type of establishment you have. Recently, however, there has been a worldwide trend towards the spread of minimalism in colors and the predominance of the three primary colors.

For example, in a coffee shop, you can make the two primary colors white and light brown, and later arrange green shades. This can be done with the help of decor: decorative plants in pots, green curtains, and paintings on the walls. This will create a naturally cozy atmosphere.

In restaurants and cafes of interest, you can add darker colors, because such establishments are usually visited in the evening and require special charm.

As for lighting, everything is standard here: the main light around the hall and spotlights above each table. In restaurants, you can make subdued lights to create evening comfort.


Planning the interior design of a cafe is a complex but interesting process. Depending on what goals your establishment will fulfill, you can choose different solutions and create a comfortable place for guests.