. Make your Home Spooky with these Halloween Decor Tips

Make your Home Spooky with these Halloween Decor Tips

Halloween Decor

Halloween is magical – from the candy apples to the trick-or-treating to the scary movies, there’s just something about the spooky holiday that’s hard to beat. And nothing quite screams the holidays like some good old holiday home decor! 

From streamers to posters to all sorts of spooky assortments, Halloween is a holiday that lets the creative inside of you break free and run wild – literally – as you adorn your home till it looks like Halloween has come alive. 

And if you’re worried about overspending on your budget or running out of DIY home decor tips, then there’s a world of ideas waiting for you, all you have to do is look in the right places! 

Here are five surefire home decor tips for Halloween:

Carve some Pumpkins!

Pumpkins are a Halloween staple, and there’s nothing that’ll up your Halloween home decor game quite like a carved pumpkin! Get an assortment of colors and sizes – a mix of the traditional oranges with additions of white is a great selection to go for – and arrange them in your backyard or even indoors!

As for the carving, you can decide to go rogue and do a freestyle design or stick to templates that you find online or in old pictures. And the best part is that you can make a fun family evening out of pumpkin carving, making family holiday memories, and nailing your decor all at the same time!

Spiders and Cobwebs are your Best Friend

While the sight of a spider or cobweb might send you spiraling on a regular day, seeing them around Halloween is like getting two treats in one! Either make your own spiders with paper and pompoms or buy readymade ones at the dollar store – they don’t cost much – and use thread to imitate cobwebs. 

Once you’ve got the goods ready, then you can use them to decorate your windows, outside porch, fence, and even your furniture! In fact, the more cobwebs you place around your house, the greater the spooky effect will be, making your Halloween a memorable one!

Put up your Posters!

It’s not only your windows and the outdoors that need some Halloween decor, it’s just as important to decorate your house walls. And what better way to fill up your walls than by plastering them with some spooky Halloween posters?

Whether Dracula’s your speed or scary, carved pumpkins, you’re sure to find tons of Halloween poster templates with the PosterMyWall platform. Just pick the ones you like, edit, and customize, and your walls will look better than ever before. 

Oh, and if you’re really going all in for the spooky season, then these posters can also double as invitations for the most awaited night of the year: your Halloween party! You’ll have people speaking praise before the party even starts. 

Switch up your Lights 


The right lighting has the power to change the whole mood of a place, and using lights as a home decor prop is a unique and innovative idea that will entice people with its realisticness. 

For a creepy, spooky effect, try using yellow or black lights – you can change a bulb in your front porch, side lanes, or even from just inside some of your windows to get the full effect when you’re looking in from the outside. And of course, if you can get your hands on a flickering light bulb, then it’s like you’ve hit the jackpot! 

Get Bloody

Of course, no matter how sophisticated you try to keep your Halloween decor, there’s nothing that matches the quintessential look of fake blood. Splatter some on your windows and front door, throw some on your walkway or front lawn, and have it drip from uncanny places such as photo frame edges or furniture – just make sure not to permanently damage or stain anything!

Once you have the fake blood in place, then your house will look like a scene straight out of a Halloween movie, and onlookers will be more than just impressed

So, if you’re looking to get into the Halloween spirit and take home decor into your own hands, then these tips and tricks are the perfect places to get started. Take inspiration and add your own touch to these suggestions, and add in more as your house starts coming together – there’s never knowing when you’ll have a Eureka moment, even if it’s just about Halloween.