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24 Best Low Light Plants for Indoor | Low Light House Plants Ideas

Low Light House Plants Ideas
Low Light House Plants Ideas

Gardening is a hobby that is appreciated by many but practiced by few. For people living in contested big cities, or small apartments, little space is available for gardening. However, the solution to all their worries is plants that require very less sunlight.

Not only do these plants require less light, they only need a certain amount of care and grow up almost all by themselves. Thus low light outdoor plants or low light indoor plants are perfect for those with busy schedules, cramped apartments but also a knack for nature and gardening.

Fragrant indoor plants low light

Low light house plants that give off beautiful fragrances are quite a lot in number. But the most common ones are rosemary, night-blooming jasmine, lemon balm, paperwhite, nutmeg-scented geranium, sweet bay, and mint. Some other low light house plants which are also fragrant are stephanotis, Arabian jasmine, gardenia, eucalyptus, citrus, begonia, orange Jessamine, corsage orchid, oncidium orchid, and Cuban oregano.

Decorating your home with plants

Interior decorating with plants might seem like an easy task but it is tougher than you think. Proper space needs to be arranged and no light indoor plants can be placed directly inside your living where they will receive only very little natural light. Indoor plants that don’t need sunlight can also be on desks and tables, provided that they do not take up too much space on the table.

Small desk plants that do not need sunlight can also be placed on your study table or reading table or the corners of shelves, well inside your living room or study room. What one needs to understand is that though is a need for sunlight by a low light lucky house plant, it still needs proper care at regular intervals.

If you want to place low-light plants indoors, then you must have the right space for them in your living quarters.

24 low light plants indoor

Low light house plants are many but not all of them are affordable or manageable for an average big city resident. Many low light house plants are very costly and require a lot of care. Thus, let’s take a look at some of the widely available low light house plants that will fit your living quarters easily.

1. Snake Plant

Snake plant or Sansevieria is also known as mother-in-law’s tongue and is known for its magnificent multi-hued green leaves and is also known to be a health booster. It is not at all picky about sunlight.

Snake Plant for interior décor
Snake Plant

2. ZZ plant

The ZZ plant or Zamioculcas Zamiifolia is known for its subtle shine and sheen and also low maintenance. It can thrive in both bright and moderate indirect light and also low light. It only requires occasional watering.

ZZ Plant for indoor
ZZ Plant

3. Senecio

Called Asteraceae in Latin, this genus boasts of over a thousand different species from Africa, Madagascar, Mexico, the Canary Islands, and the East Indies. The name ‘Senecio’ means old man.

4. Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese Evergreen or Aglaonema is known for its gorgeous two-toned leaves which are hard to miss even in a dark room and have many varieties and colors to choose from. It requires medium temperatures throughout the year.

Chinese Evergreen house plant
Chinese Evergreen Plant

5. Dumb Cane

Dumb Cane, popularly known by its scientific name Dieffenbachia is known for its brightly colored, two-toned leaves which grow up to 1 foot in length. It can thrive in both bright, indirect light as well as low light.

6. Lucky Bamboo

The lucky bamboo or Dracena Sanderiana is similar to feng shui and is known to grow in soil or water alone. It requires very little care and also has slightly toxic leaves. Usually grow in moderate amounts of indirect sunlight.

Lucky Bamboo Tree
Lucky Bamboo Plant

7. Staghorn fern

The Staghorn Fern or Platycerium Alcicorne is a low light house plant that has leaves that look just the way it is named.They are eventually brown and wither before they’re replaced by new growth. The staghorn fern doesn’t require typical potting soil. It’s epiphytic. That means they grow on vertical surfaces like on a tree trunk or similar surfaces.

8. English Ivy

The English Ivy or Hedera Helix is a great plant for your balcony and is known to climb buildings upto 98 feet high.Shade and low-light areas are best for this plant. It prefers soil that is dry to the touch and thus the soil needs to be completely drained of water.

English Ivy house plant
English Ivy

9. Streptocarpus

It gives orchard-like blossoms which are red, rose, pink, or violet in color, and does not tolerate direct sun exposure.

10. Spider Plant

The spider plant or Chlorophytum  Comosum is known for being easily manageable and is also known to sprout new spider plants or pups at the ends of its long elongated leaves. They need to be watered regularly and prefer consistent moisture. They are also known to purify indoor air.

Spider plant for home
Spider Plant

11. Heartleaf Philodendron

Scientifically known as Philodendron Scandens, heart-shaped leaves that change from bronze to a glossy green make this a popular houseplant. Leaves are slightly toxic.

Heartleaf Philodendron for indoor
Heartleaf Philodendron

12. Gonialoe Variegata

The Tiger Aloe gives rise to sturdy, sophisticated-looking rosettes of triangular leaves. It has beautiful, random patterns of white flecks.

13. Flame Violet

Also known as Episcia Cupreata, this plant is among low light house plants which are easy to care for and sprouts perennial flowers amid silver-green leaves which look magnificent in any setting.

Flame Violet indoor plant
Flame Violet

14. Peace Lily

Spathiphyllum is among those low light house plants which are easy to grow and are toxic. They clean indoor air.

indoor plant Peace Lily
Peace Lily

15. Aloe X

Also known as Doran Black, it’s a low-maintenance plant that thrives in darkness and only needs occasional watering.

16. Echeveria

These little rosette-shaped plants are widely available and incredibly popular. Found in almost all indoor plant collections.

Echeveria plant

17. Aspidistra

Another green plant without blossoms, it prefers shady to bright locations and grows upto 50 centimeters in height.

18. Crassula

Among the rare low light house plant, this genus includes a wide range of species originating from South Africa.

Crassula house plant

19. Kalanchoe Tomentosa

Commonly called the Panda Plant, it is famous for the gorgeous, furry texture of its leaves. These plants are super soft and velvety to touch.

20. Howea

Green plants without blossoms that prefer bright to half-shady locations, grow upto two meters in height.

21. Asparagus

A plant that can tolerate sunny locations, it can grow to a maximum height of 150 centimeters.

Asparagus low light plant

22. Schefflera

An evergreen plant with rare blossoms, it cannot tolerate direct bright sunlight, but easily handle warm air.

Schefflera plant

23. Alokasien

A plant that gives beautiful blossoms, it cannot tolerate direct sun exposure and prefers warm spots with high humidity.

24. Anthurium

A low light house plant that is evergreen and tolerates half-shade, it prefers high humidity.

Anthurium plant for home


Thus, now that you have a list of low light house plants which are suitable for your house, all you need to do is pick a spot and start planting your desired low light house plant. All plants mentioned here are low-light houseplants that are easily available on the market.