. 8 Outdated Fashion Trends We are Ditching In 2022

8 Outdated Fashion Trends We are Ditching In 2022 (And What to Replace Them With)

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Fashion trends are constantly changing, although some items can remain classics. Not everyone has the time, money, or patience to follow the latest fads. That’s why we’ve created this list of 8 outdated fashion trends we’re ditching in 2022, and how to replace them.

1. Square-Toe Shoes

Square-toe sandals will never go away, but square-toe boots or heels are a no-no. Replace them with pointy-toe shoes that have an exaggerated toe box to make an even bigger statement over the classic pointed pumps.

A pair of cute heels in your closet is a must, no matter how many fancy outings you go to in a year. Owning a timeless pair of pointed heels will allow you to get your money’s worth and keep them for years to come.

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2. Tie Dye

Although tie dye was all the rage during the peak of the pandemic, its time has come and gone. This trend was a great way for people to release creative energy while stuck inside, but it has quickly been overdone. Instead, you can swap your tie-dye pieces with solid colors that match the current season.

Think about wearing browns and dark oranges in the fall, light colors in the spring, blacks and dark reds in the winter, and whites or bright colors in the summer. Using these solid colors not only brings you back into style but they make it easier to match your pieces with other items.

If you love having cute dresses, shirts, or pants that are printed with fun patterns, choose florals, stripes, or vacation-style prints. These are all patterns that are stylish in 2022 and will have you leading the trendsetting pack!

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3. Polo Collar Sweaters

For those of us working from home, polo collar cashmere knits can be a preppy, smart-looking lifesaver for Zoom meetings. Their trend has ended, but you can replace them with country club V-necks.

They’re just as preppy and allow you to pair them with anything from wide-leg jeans to tennis skirts and, when you’re feeling chilly, even over maxi slip dresses. A plus of swapping out your collared sweaters for V-necks is that your neck is no longer constricted from the collar!

4. Shackets

Do you have any shackets? Also called overshirts, they are the combination of a jacket and a shirt. They’ve become popular over the past couple of years, and while they’re not outdated just yet, you can replace them with reinvented leather jackets.

The staple has taken a revamp with oversized, distressed, and other styles for a fresh, new look. Using a more sophisticated piece like a leather jacket will elevate your style to an entirely new level.

5. Split-Hem Leggings

Split-hem leggings were all the rage in NYC, LA, Paris, and all over. They were able to match with a variety of shoes but were only on trend for a short amount of time. The enthusiasm for them has worn off, and windbreaker pants are in. You can thank Bella Hadid for making retro track pants popular again!

6. Resin and Enamel Jewelry

Colorful, chunky Y2K jewelry made a brief comeback in the summer of 2021. They made a big hit when they first appeared on the runway.

Since their season in the sun is over, it’s time to replace them with more grown-up jewelry. Pearls and gold links are in, and they don’t have to be basic or boring either. Mix styles, or choose unusual shapes or colors for a fresh look on an old classic.

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7. Checkered Print

There was once a time when people couldn’t get enough of checkered print anything. What can you replace them with? Luckily, animal prints are making a comeback. Zebra print, leopard print, and snakeskin are equally hot. If you’ve saved any animal print clothing or shoes from when it was on the trend before, it’s time to dust them off.

8. Low-Rise Jeans

Low-rise jeans have been around for a long time and we have to admit, some fashionistas are trying to keep this trend around. They first made a comeback in 1994 and then again in 2017, becoming popular by way of celebrities like Madonna and movie stars who would wear them off the set. Their main downside was underwear troubles, along with the emotional stress of bearing that much stomach.

Cargo pants are the opposite of low-rise jeans in every way. Not only are they cool, but the most fashionable ones feature slightly wider legs and are meant to have a baggy fit. Pastel or pale shades such as caramel beige and sage green are popular favorites for sporting the look. You can also trade in your low-rise jeans for any kind of fitted high-waisted pants.

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You can make or break a look depending on the fit, colors, and cohesiveness of everything together. One of life’s challenges is avoiding overdressing or underdressing by finding comfortable clothing that works for your body type and does not go out of style. If you have pieces in your wardrobe that are technically out of style but you rock them, then keep doing you! There is nothing wrong with breaking the fashion rules to express yourself.