. 3 Factors To Consider When Relocating To London From The Countryside

3 Factors To Consider When Relocating To London From The Countryside


With summer on the horizon, many of us might be thinking about our next big move. When it comes to big life or career changes London seems to be the city that comes to mind. The UK’s capital is synonymous with high flying jobs, hustle and bustle, and a never-ending list of ways to stay entertained from bars and restaurants to theatre and sports events. Many would-be Londoners start their journey off from smaller cities across the UK or even the countryside. For those from small towns and the countryside, such a move can be a massive adjustment and there is a lot to consider before doing so. This guide takes you through the most important factors to consider when making your move from the countryside to the capital.

Decide what you need to take

First things first, you need to consider what to take with you on your relocation. As most of us know, living space in London is at a premium and so it is likely that you will have to downsize from what you are used to in the countryside. To do this, put some time aside to sort through your belongings and decide what you really need. You could donate unwanted items to charity or leave small items with friends or family. The property you move to will also most likely be smaller than the one you currently live in or may already be furnished so it could be a good idea to look into storage in London for your furniture. This is particularly useful if you think you might use the furniture again in the future or if it is of some value.

Calculate your costs of living


Another major change when relocating to London is the cost of living. Often wages in London reflect these higher prices but it is wise to do some research and figure out your budget to make sure the move will be affordable for you. If you already have a job lined up, work out your monthly earnings versus outgoings to be able to picture your financial situation in more bite-sized chunks. Even if you don’t have a job secured yet you can still research the average salary and again work out your outgoings. As mentioned, London life is often associated with a blossoming social life and so you may want to factor in more social outings and spending than you’re used to. Don’t forget that depending on where you live you may have to pay for transport to work and this can be another expensive outgoing.

Research where to live

Now for one of the most fun parts of your relocation! The question is where exactly to move to? London as a city is not only vast in terms of people but by size as well so when moving from the countryside you might feel overwhelmed as to what area to settle in. Of course, we would all love to picture ourselves in a Richard Curtis movie and be residing in Notting Hill but this is unfortunately impossible for most London newbies. Instead, take into consideration these key factors:

  • Your budget
  • Your place of work
  • Your priorities, for example, location or property size

These factors are not London specific but will help you narrow down your search and you could even take a trip to explore different neighborhoods more fully if you are unsure.

So there you have it, the beginner’s guide to moving to London from the countryside. There are many serious factors to consider before making such a move but with the right research and preparation, you will be ready for your new life in the big city.