. Inspirational Interior Design Trends

Inspirational Interior Design Trends

Interior Design Trends

Decorating your interior can be fun, but knowing where to start and what trends to try can be confusing. Should you paint the walls a certain color? What decor should you add? If you’re interested in learning more about incredible interior design trends, keep reading. This post will explore some to try in your home. 

5 Motivating Interior Design Ideas

Add Rugs

Rugs are an essential part of any home but they’re often taken for granted. While they might look nice at first, their colors can fade over time if not taken care of. Some homeowners might also want to add rugs to their homes but are confused about placing them in a room. 

It’s vital to learn how to properly add rugs because they can truly add great dimension and color to a space. They’re also perfect for soundproofing. 

To begin with, consider the color of the room. Is it dark? Light? Ideally, add a rug that’s slightly opposite from the main hues. This can make the room look bigger and prevent the rug from blending in too much. 

You’ll now want to think about its size. If you plan to put it under furniture, make sure it extends a few inches away from it. For instance, if your couch is 84 inches wide, make sure there’s at least 6-10 inches of free rug space. 

Also, confirm that any runner or area rug you add leaves a few inches of space between it and a nearby wall or furniture piece. Otherwise, it will bunch up against it. 

Invest in Custom Furniture 


Another way to create an intriguing interior is to include custom furniture. You can pick all of the features you want with custom furniture. This ranges from its wood type to its finish and knobs. While it can be a little pricey, custom furniture will dazzle your interior because the pieces will be so unique from your average generic options. 

Better yet, custom Amish furniture in Bellaire, TX is a sustainable choice. Thanks to this, you can ensure your home stays eco-friendly while looking beautiful. 

Use Two-Color Combinations

Colors not only set a space’s atmosphere but can actually determine how big (or small) it appears. Too much of the same hue can make a room look overly uniform and sometimes cluttered. This is why it might be ideal to add two-tone combinations to your interior.

The mixture shouldn’t be too extravagant but enough to make a difference. To find the right contrast, refer to a color wheel. Designers recommend not picking hues across from each other but ones that border either side of opposite hues. For instance, if you look at yellow-green, opt for violet or pink instead of choosing mauve shades. This way, it makes a noticeable difference without mismatching or overwhelming colors. 

After you choose the two shades, you can start adding them to the room. Many times, the wall will be covered in one hue and the rest of the room follows the other color. However, you can also paint the room in both colors in a special way. You can mark off one section to paint with a certain tone or tape off a specific area (like around a window) that you want the specific color to shine in. 

Incorporate Mirrors

Many homeowners dislike mirrors because they feel it makes a space look too bright or small. Yet, if placed correctly, mirrors can have the opposite effect. 

By situating a mirror near a focal point, you can trick one’s eye into automatically looking at it when they enter. This helps the room seem more dimensional and even larger. 

When searching for the right mirror, you’ll come across three main types:

  • Plane (a traditional glass that displays a flat reflection)
  • Concave (emits a slightly curved reflection to a specific focal point)
  • Convex (bulged glass that reflects heavy light into the room)

You’ll also find a vast amount of frame designs and sizes to choose from. You’ll want to contemplate the room’s theme to figure out the best option for it. 

Include Ceramics

Ceramics are a beautiful way to add distinctive art and inspiration to your home. Ceramics come in various clays and designs and can add texture and color to a space. Besides this, many handcrafted options are a single edition, so what you buy will usually be the only one available, making it a collectible. 

You can keep the piece as it is or use it as something else, like a flower vase or wall covering. Make sure to place them in a secure area, though, as they can be delicate. 

Knowing where to start with interior design trends can be difficult, especially if you want them to stand out. By keeping these ideas in mind, you can make sure that your home looks trendy and stunning.