. Right Way to Make Snake Juice Recipe For Weight Loss

Right Way to Make Snake Juice Recipe For Weight Loss

Snake Juice Recipe

The Snake juice recipe diet is growing at a storm speed on the internet because the Snake Diet helps to lose weight magically. This snake diet recipe was made by Cole Robinson, a weight loss trainer with huge social media followers.

 This snake diet can also be called a very fast effective diet. It works very fast if you drink this juice according to the right rules. Once heavy food is eaten, heavy food cannot be eaten for 48 hours. In these 48 hours, you have to drink the snake juice. You can call snake diet “you have to starve yourself.”

There is a story behind the naming of this Snake Diet, such as Snake eats a second filling after a full meal once the previous meal is fully digested. Experts say that snake juice improves energy levels and also gives us clear skin.

The Reason Behind the Name of Snake Juice?

Probably snakes eat food after 24-72 hours after one meal. They can stay after one heavy meal for 72hrs. So, snake juice drinking rules are some kind of similar to a time gap of a snake’s eating process. You have to wait for a minimum of 48 hours after drinking the snake juice to take the next drink. that’s why it’s called snake juice.

How to Make Snake Juice Recipe?

The snake juice recipe is very easy to make it. To be honest snake juice is not good in taste but, no worry! I will help you out with this problem too and tell you how to make snake juice taste better.

Snake Juice Ingredients

  • 2 Liter Water
  • ½ Teaspoon Himalayan Pink Salt
  • 1 Teaspoon unsalted Potassium Chloride
  • 1 Teaspoon Sodium Bicarbonate

You just mix all these ingredients together, and here is your snake diet recipe ready to drink. Start your diet.

How to Make Snake Juice Taste Better?

  1. If you don’t like the taste of the snake juice than, you can add some lemon to it.
  2. The 2nd option is apple cider vinegar. You can add it too in your snake juice.
  3. This drink is for diet so there is no sweet allowed but you can go with 1 teaspoon of honey, not more. Because honey also contains sweet.

So, make it at your home and start dieting. It’s a strict diet so maybe you will notice snake diet results soon. Hope this recipe will help you to make snake juice in a perfect way. Enjoy your diet!