. 24 Best Thin Hairstyles hack to look Thicker

24 Best Thin Hairstyles hack to look Thicker

Thin hairstyles

Are you tired of your extremely thin hair? With a few standard haircutting rules and hair care techniques for thin hairstyles that will make your hair look glamorous and voluminous in no time. In this article, we will discuss some amazing haircuts for thin hair and various types of hairstyles to trick people into believing that you have thick hair.

Take a look at these amazing 12 haircuts if you are worried about a thin hairstyle making your hair look dull.

Haircuts for thin hair to look thicker

The most amazing haircuts for a thin hairstyle to look fuller requires certain features – texture, color transition, and the optimum length that lies somewhere in between the ears and the collarbone.

These are 12 haircuts to make thin hair look thicker:

Long Angled Bob or Lob

A Lob is perfect if you are looking for haircuts for thin straight hair. This hairstyle is highly versatile, classy, and simple. You can look effortlessly amazing with this hairstyle and give volume to your thin hairstyle anyway you carry it. If you are within the age range of the early twenties to mid-thirties, this hairstyle is your best friend.

Deep side parted layer

You can have this hairstyle with long hair as well as get a bob. The deep side part is one of the best hairstyles for thinning hair on top female large foreheads. Not only does it make the forehead appear smaller but also makes the thin hairstyle look puffier and voluminous.

Messy Collarbone Bob

If you lack thickness and need your extremely thin hair to look good, add the desired structure into your hair with a messy collarbone bob. Add layers on the edges with A-line side bangs and see what a chaotic charisma your hair will be. While a lot of people might say it is outdated, it is not. Pull off this hairstyle with a bold and funky personality and the world is your stage!

Medium chopped long bangs

A great option to counter your thin hairstyle would be to chop the straight into medium length. If you prefer a sleek look with no curls bobbing out of your head, grab your shears and flattening iron. Chop the ends roughly and cut long bangs. There you have a picture-perfect haircut for thin air to look thicker.

Wavy medium Bob

With a ton of options for how to add volume to fine hair, a medium-length wave will look amazing. The thin hairstyle locks get life with the wave that creates a lively movement. A cute and quick way to make your all days hair goal days, all you will need is a curling iron and setting spray. This way your hair will look fuller and elegant.

Textured Pixie

If you are looking for the kind of hairstyle that will provide density to your hair, go for the textured pixie haircut. With closely chopped ends, it provides an elevated look to the face, giving a visual that you have thicker hair.

Short hair cuts

Textured  bob

One of the most flattering haircuts to counter thin hairstyles is a textured bob. The right length of the bob will make your hair look fluffier and the texture will hide the thin locks making sure your scalp is not visible

Stacked bob

Stacked bob is one of the classic hairstyles for front thinning hair. In this style, the volume of the hair increases considerably with the shortest hair being at the nape and eventually increasing length on both sides as it comes forward.

Voluminous side bang bob

One of the chicest thin hairstyles to make the hair look thicker is a voluminous bob. The puffed back and forehead with side bangs coming down your best profile makes the hairstyle work with whatever you plan to do. From running errands to a romantic date night, with this classy hairstyle you’re always ready for everything.

Honey Platinum Layer

Cutting layers is an amazing way if you are wondering how to add volume to fine hair. By having tresses with varying lengths, the hair appears fuller and thicker. It is a foolproof idea to add more layers to whatever cut you are currently having, and your hair will look instantly thicker and vibrant.

Long fringe half pixie

Looking for something bold and hide your thin hairstyle at the same time? Try the A-lined fringes with a half pixie hairstyle. You can keep the hair straight or wavy as per your choice.


As discussed before, layers are one of the best ways to make your thin hairstyle look thicker. Especially, if you are an aging woman with thin hair, layering will take out all your troubles and make your hair look naturally fuller.

These were some of the best styles for thin hair. Now, do you have already short hair with the issue of hair thinning? Worry not, and take a look at the next part of the article.

Short hairstyles for thin hair

Thin hair and a short hairstyle can work for you! All you will need is the right product, the correct styling technique and there you have it. Take a look at these 12 amazing hairstyles for short hair.

Colored Pixie

GO bold or go home! Get yourself a bright color like silver and platinum with grey strands and try a bob-ish pixie cut hairstyle to give your hair a fuller edge.

Easy twist

Both bold and enigmatic, this is one of the best hairstyles for thin hair to look thicker. For a short hairstyle with thin hair, this is a perfect look. all u have to do is detangle your hair, section it and roll it in twists to a lower corner.

Pixie hairdo

A smart choice in hairstyles for front thinning hair. The wave in a blunt bob will give you the tousled look you desire. To get this amazing thin hairstyle, apply for hair mousse and protection and blow-dry with a rolling comb. Pull the hair upwards, away from your face.

Bouffant Scarf hairdo

If the remedy for the thin hairstyle you are looking for is cool and fresh, this look will be your best friend. Brush your hair and partition it as per your choice. Take the top section of your hair and secure a bouffant or puff underneath it. Cover the puff with your hair making it look like a crown and secure everything tightly with pins.

Short curls

Curly Hair

If you have thin hair, you can make it look voluminous by adding curls towards the ends. A curly short hairstyle will make your hair look thicker and add more proportion to your face 

Side-Swept braided Bob

Though it is difficult to braid bob hairstyle, the results are beautiful. You can make string braids from one end to another on a medium-short bob hairstyle and secure it with pins leaving the ends undone.

Curly bob

One of the best ways to counter thin hairstyles is to get curls. You can either perm your short hair and apply heat whenever you feel like curling your hair. Curly hair in bob looks fantastic on women of any age.

French Braid up top

This hairstyle can give wonderful results with a little effort. All you have to do is move your way up making a french braid in the middle of your head with the hair parted back, from the forehead towards the middle. Once you reach the mid-length, secure the braid and grab the rest of the hair twisting it into a top knot.

Loose Waves

It is a thin hairstyle that is very easy to manipulate and makes the hair look glamorous and intensified. All you have to do is prep your hair a bit and loosely curl with your iron moving the hair away from your face. This will also give you some texture in the hair giving it an overall beachy tone.

Ear Knots

Ear knots are simple, cute, and effortless. Detangle your hair and part it in the middle.


These were some of the best styles for thin hairstyles. You no longer have to worry about your hair looking weak and dull as these haircuts for thin straight hair and short hair will make you look chic and classy in no time. With the correct products and styling techniques, you will be flattered by your look.