. 4 Style Mistakes Men Make When Wearing Jewelry

4 Style Mistakes Men Make When Wearing Jewelry

Style Mistakes Men Make When Wearing Jewelry
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Men have been wearing jewelry since 2500 BC. Upper-class Egyptians were accessorized with gold, silver, and gemstones to communicate their status. In medieval times, kings, princes, and noblemen used chains, pendants, rings, and broaches as the ultimate status symbol. Persians in the Achaemenid Empire were among the first to use earrings to symbolize wealth.

You have likely seen well-dressed men who enhance the appearance of their wardrobe with well-worn pieces of jewelry. And you’ve probably seen poorly dressed men wear jewelry in a way that looks tacky. What separates the kings and noblemen of the past and the nattily dressed men of modern times from those whose use of jewelry detracts from their appearance? Here are four style mistakes men make when wearing jewelry and how these mistakes can be avoided.

Mistake 1: Lacking Confidence When Wearing Jewelry

Confidence is a critical factor in making your clothes look good. When people are confident in what they wear, they carry themselves in a way that shows they are comfortable in their clothing. The jewelry they wear, be it gold chains for men, rings, or bracelets, looks and feels natural because they are comfortable wearing it. Conversely, when a person lacks confidence in wearing jewelry, they constantly fidget with the jewelry, and it becomes more of a distraction than an attractive accessory.

Tip to Wear Jewelry With Confidence

Don’t feel uncomfortable pushing boundaries when it comes to wearing jewelry. Before choosing a white gold chain, French cufflinks, or a platinum ring, talk with a professional jeweler. Most of them are knowledgeable about the products they sell, and they can help you build your confidence that you are getting the right pieces for your look. Also, do a little bit of window shopping. Start with simple, clean pieces. You will feel out of your element if you start wearing ornate pieces. Keep it simple. As your confidence grows, you can move on to more elaborate pieces.

Mistake 2: Wearing Unbalanced Jewelry

The idea of jewelry is that it should pull your outfit together. However, some men make the mistake of wearing jewelry that is unbalanced. For example, you may see a man with a well-selected outfit wearing multiple necklaces stacked on each other. This messes up the entire look because everyone’s eyes are drawn to the jewelry, and they don’t see the whole outfit. Another example is men who wear small watches but then complement them with bulky bracelets. This makes the pieces look uneven and lopsided. Everything diverts attention from the look as a whole. While it is not wrong to mix metals, it can throw the entire outfit off balance if this is not done tactfully.

Tip to Balance Your Look Appropriately

Purchase jewelry that comes in matching sets. This can help you avoid unbalanced pieces. Consider the sheen of the jewelry that you are wearing. Look for jewelry that has the same texture and brilliance. This helps avoid imbalance and adds to the refined look you want to achieve. The important thing is to make sure that all of the jewelry you wear maintains an equilibrium or balance of sorts.

Mistake 3: Lack of Situational Awareness

Not all jewelry is made for all occasions. For example, gold chains with pendants can spice up your outfit when worn to express yourself or show off. However, your outfit should not draw attention to you at a somber event like a funeral. You have likely seen men wearing nice jewelry on the wrong occasion. Instead of the jewelry making men look better, it can give people the impression that they are unprofessional.

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Tip to Maintain Situational Awareness When Wearing Jewelry

Think about the occasion before you dress. Keep your jewelry modest in a professional environment, such as at work or for a job interview. In this environment, you want your jewelry to be an accessory that modestly highlights your best aspects. Additionally, in a professional or academic setting, ensure that your use of jewelry harmonizes with the guidelines and expectations of the environment that you are in. Maintaining situational awareness when wearing jewelry will help ensure that your jewelry constantly transmits the proper message.

Mistake 4: Wearing Too Many Pieces of Jewelry

Some men think that if one accessory is good, multiple jewelry pieces must be better. They make the mistake of forgetting that there is a fine line between the right number of accessories and wearing too many. Wearing too many pieces of jewelry can turn a simple, clean outfit from something attractive to something that turns heads for all the wrong reasons.

Tip to Accessorize Appropriately

Pay attention to proportions. If your clothing selection is bold and big, accompany it with discrete jewelry pieces. Avoid large rings or chunky necklaces. Avoid mixing a complex look with bold accessories. Balance in selecting pieces of jewelry is the key to your success. You do not want any one piece of jewelry to overpower your clothing. Your accessories should complement your entire look.

Wear Jewelry With Confidence and Style

Jewelry can do a lot to enhance your outfit. Not wearing jewelry is akin to a well-prepared meal without the proper seasoning. The food tastes excellent but could be better with the right enhancement. Think before you purchase jewelry. If you have doubts about what jewelry goes with your look or style, take some time to talk to jewelers or men whose style you admire. Think about where you will wear your jewelry, and ensure you select jewelry that suits the situation. Remember that jewelry is an accessory that should not overwhelm your outfit. If you follow these tips, you can avoid many of the style mistakes men ma