. Reni Abina's Outlet Rendoll is Making Fashion Easy and Chic

Combining Style with Comfort – Reni Abina’s Outlet Rendoll is Making Fashion Easy and Chic

Reni Abina's Outlet

You know you’ve made it when Vogue features your pieces as unique and timeless. Nigerian attainable luxury outlet, Rendoll, has earned this mark in a short period of time.

In 2019, Reni Abina launched Rendoll and the clothing brand includes everything from stunning party pieces to luxurious resort wear. The outfits create a vibrant aura that captures others’ attention as soon as you step in; embracing your feminine side fearlessly.

Reni aptly introduces the philosophy behind her brand, noting: “Rendoll believes that as you are wonderfully unique, you should have the freedom to be you.” This vision translates into an effortless style for everyone seeking to express themselves through fashion.

Finding the perfect balance between style and comfort is a never-ending challenge, with designers tirelessly working to find the sweet spot. But combining the right fabric with flattering silhouettes can make a dress stand out from the rest, showcasing the wearer’s personality. The designs at Rendoll precisely do so!

Reni’s belief in fashion as a form of self-expression plays a central role in Rendoll’s identity. She always delights her customers by sharing the dynamic stories behind each piece and ensuring that her outfits convey the wearer’s personal definition of comfortable fashion. 

Converging style, comfort, and variety is another challenging task for a designer but Reni has managed to do so effortlessly. Her stunning pieces, including bold-hued skirts, backless dresses, printed pants, and vibrant swimsuits, are not only visually appealing but also functional enough for all memorable shindigs.

The designer had her fair share of problems in realizing this goal – not every day can be sunny and bright in the fashion world. In 2020, she faced an incident while designing an outfit, where the fabric was no longer available for a restock. She also saw another brand using the same print. This was when she thought of doing custom prints to retain the timeless essence of her dresses.

I didn’t want a situation where I made a dress with a specific print and then people attach that print to Rendoll, while you also have other brands using that same print,” she elaborates. 

Reni Abina has also amplified plus-size fashion to the next level. Her passion for inclusivity in women’s wear led her to create a wide range of sizes so that curvier women can practice their personal style with ease. She wanted to prove that being curvy and trendy can go hand in hand, and from the looks of her masterpieces, she has just done that.

Inspired enough to change your fashion game? Visit Rendoll and wear the next big trend with grace.