. The Ultimate Hair Extensions Facts | What Are You Missing

The Ultimate Hair Extensions Facts | What Are You Missing

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have been super popular lately. Something that had been reserved for celebrities and high net worth individuals in the past decades is being tried out and cherished by everyone. At this point, a lot of questions come to our mind – are hair extensions harmful? Are they expensive? Do they hurt? They must be high maintenance right?

Hair extensions are one of the many different little things that we do to enhance our sense of style. if your hairline lowering then hair extension is a good choice. This sense of style further goes on to develop and boost our self-esteem. Everyone deserves to look the way they want to, let no one tell you otherwise! And that is exactly where small additions like hair and nails can work wonders.

What are permanent hair extensions?

Hair extensions – the question at this point is, why not? However, again one can wonder, are permanent extensions really for me?

Permanent hair extensions, like most good things, can come with some side effects when attempted without proper knowledge and care. Sometimes, these improper applications can leave scars behind. However, if you are medically fit and confident about keeping your extensions revitalized routinely, permanent hair extensions are the best. This is because the end result produced by these extensions far surpasses any other form of cosmetic addition.

Permanent hair extensions need to be of very good quality so that you do not find yourself compromising on the safety of your scalp, the quality of the product, or the overall look you commit to. Permanent hair extensions are of a few different kinds.

  • Tape-in hair extension – Tape-in hair extensions are just what they sound like; they can be taped across the scalp to give the flattest, seamless look.
  • Sew-in hair extension – Sew-ins are also called ‘weaves’. They are stitched in with your existing hair. They are a little more expensive, but ideal for thin hair and hair with varying textures.
  • Glue-ins – The glue-in hair extensions last very long due to their tenacious bonding with your existing volume. This is why they are perhaps accurately known as ‘Keratin Bonds.’
  • Halo hair extensions – Halo hair extensions refer to one complete unit of hair attached to your head and they are the perfect solution for clients wanting to work on the overall length and quantity of their hair.

Permanent hair extensions are specially designed for people with an active lifestyle looking for long-term and large-scale solutions. Hence they might be perfect for you. But if they aren’t, worry not; there are extensions to suit everyone.

Are clip-In Extensions a better choice for me?

Clip-in extensions are a non-committal, short-term solution to the extension question. In fact, many stylists and fashion bloggers recommend beginners use clip-in extensions for a while before going into any permanent version. They are an easy, protective way to one-eighty your aesthetic without dealing with major consequences. They come in almost every color and type that the permanent ones do, including blonde, brunette, straight, and curly clip-in hair extensions.

The thing to remember is that not everyone can or should get permanent extensions .that depends on a number of medical and time-related factors. Clip-in hair extensions work for all, and surprisingly popular brands like Babe hair extensions provide what they call ‘instant extensions’ as well. They require only 10-15 minutes to put up.

What else should I know about hair extensions?

long hair extensions

And yet a lot of questions about hair extensions still remain unanswered. Let us evaluate some of them.

How much do hair extensions cost?

The cost of hair extensions varies, depending on the variety, quantity, and hair type and structure. Clip-in extensions range from $100-$200. Tape-ins start at $200 and climb up too far more expensive ones. Glue-in hair extensions come anywhere between $300- $500 on average. Sew-in hair extensions, though around $300, are charged extra service charges for each additional sewing.

How long do hair extensions last?

Hair extensions again, depending on their category and how well you take care of them. Optimally, they should be removed and reattached after every two months. Clip-ins and feather hair extensions are of course very short-term. For good quality results, make sure your extensions are made out of real human hair. It is a very scientific and selective process and no other material works quite that well at all.

Is there a shade of hair extensions for me?

Yes, all sorts of colors are it blonde, chestnut, black hair extensions, or some otherworldly hypnotic electric blue – no matter how breathtakingly unique your shade is, and we congratulate you – can be covered by the manufacturers of hair extensions. The trick is to find a professional who is as adept at choosing the correct extension as in applying it.

My hair is very curly/straight; will I find a perfect extension for me?

Again, yes, hair extensions come in every hair type imaginable. In fact, curly hair extensions are hugely in demand these days and almost any kind of tight-to-lose curls can be sported and accentuated with these extensions. Hair extensions even come in dreadlocks, such as the trendy human hair loc extensions.

How do hair extensions on short hair work?

Hair extensions for short hair can be worn open-haired or in ponytails and buns. You can cut your hair to a desirable, healthy length and still sport long hair these days! And if clip-ins are your thing, then why not do both anyways? For permanent extensions on short hair, tape-ins are considered the best for going short to long.

Feather hair extensions – are they really back?

Feather hair extensions are back big time – they are causing great havoc on Instagram, Tiktok, and Pinterest. They are simple strands of colorful locks and braids that compliment most aesthetics when used well.  They are instantly attachable and removable. They can be both reusable and throwaway.


All hair extensions require some management and maintenance by their user. Clip-ins and feathers last longer if used sparingly and with care. All hairs shed, so permanent hair extensions will keep getting thinner if they are not replaced in time. Mismanagement may cause hair fall and scarring. However, beauty is all about attention and care, and if you give your hair the love it deserves, both your natural hair and your extensions will flourish without any trouble at all.