. What are the Characteristics of Good Restaurant Chairs?

What are the Characteristics of Good Restaurant Chairs?

Restaurant Chairs

People sit on restaurant chairs for a long time. So it needs to be comfortable, easy to clean, and durable. Undoubtedly, restaurant chairs are one of the most important elements of restaurant furniture. Hundreds of people of different weights and heights sit on chairs in your restaurant every day. For this reason, functionality and durability are critical components of a good restaurant chair.

But style matters too! While restaurant tables are invisible – usually covered with tablecloths – restaurant chairs, in contrast, are visible from all angles. So, chairs are one of the restaurant style’s most important decorative elements.

Although all chairs look the same to many, they are not. After all, the thinking goes, a chair is a chair, no matter what it looks like, how it’s made, or where you bought it. Unfortunately, this is a flawed line of reasoning. 

Although some designers and restaurateurs choose furniture for their restaurants and small offices, professional restaurant chairs must possess specific characteristics to offer many significant benefits to any business in the restaurant industry. 

If you own a restaurant, we advise you to carefully consider the chair’s characteristics, such as size, functionality, durability, shape, color, and finish.

The following list highlights the essential qualities you should look for when purchasing chairs for your restaurant. 

Leather or Mesh Seats – the Highest Quality Chair Frame Material

The most common frames of restaurant chairs are made of steel or wood, although there are many types, including folding, stacking, and plastic models. Choose a chrome-plated steel frame with solid welds rather than stamped sheet metal for durability. If a back is needed, choose one with high-density foam padding, which will last longer than low-density foam cushioning without breaking or sagging. Wood has its advantages. They can be easier to clean than upholstered benches because food waste drips through the gaps between the slats. Traditional types of wood are durable but require occasional refinishing to maintain their original finish. 

Seating Type of Restaurant Chairs


Many restaurants use folding chairs for temporary events, as you can arrange multiple ways to accommodate large crowds. It is the least expensive option if you want to purchase a few extra seats for a special event or occasion when your restaurant is at total capacity. However, for everyday use, it may be worth investing in permanent furniture that doesn’t take up too much space and can be used by any number of guests throughout the day. Stackable restaurant chairs offer the same convenience as folding models but are more durable because their parts are welded rather than secured with nails or screws that can break. 


Restaurant chairs should be large enough to accommodate customers of any size without taking up too much space in the seat and backrest. It will ensure that people feel comfortable sitting for long periods, which is crucial to making the most of their time in your restaurant. 


Be sure to finish all upholstery or wood elements with a waterproof barrier, so there is no leakage under the padding. Wooden restaurant chairs should also be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. 

Lightweight Restaurant Chairs

If you are shopping for chairs for your restaurant, consider getting chairs you can quickly move without much effort. Heavy-duty models can increase the chance of accidental damage, but lighter-weight options will allow you to rearrange tables or change seats when needed. 

It has Leather Upholstery.

It’s more comfortable and lasts longer than mesh seat covers which tend to break if not supported by the metal frame underneath. Leather restaurant chairs often come with an adjustable swivel tilt mechanism, essential to reduce discoloration from reclining on the chair all day. 

No Assembly Required

Ensure all parts are pre-assembled so they can be assembled without tools. It will allow your customers to reserve their chairs before opening time, rather than customers waiting to find a seat in the restaurant. 

Comfortable Backrests of Restaurant Chairs

The most popular backrests are curved and rounded models that are comfortable to recline. If necessary, choose flexible options with built-in lumbar or neck support, which can be moved or removed. Restraint straps on high-end models prevent customers from sliding down even without a belt around their waist.

Armrests on Side Chairs

To increase comfort, consider purchasing side restaurant chairs instead of chairs without arms, as they provide more support for the arms and shoulders. Some people also prefer chairs without arms that fold over the table, while others like to use side chairs that are firmly attached to the top, so they don’t roll. 

Comfortable restaurant chairs are essential for a pleasant dining experience for guests. Based on the eight features above, you should find a chair that will give your customers an enjoyable dining experience.

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