. What Kind of Top Should I Wear with a Plaid Skirt?

What Kind of Top Should I Wear with a Plaid Skirt?

Plaid Skirt

Take out long forgotten plaid skirt from your wardrobe and shove the bitter winter waves away with its elegance. Get ready to rock your winter look with fantastic styling ideas for plaid skirts. In this article, you will learn how to style a plaid skirt elegantly.

If you want to look all gorgeous this winter don’t stop reading until you have reached the end of this article! Let’s begin!

Winter season is all about festivals, outings, get-togethers, celebrations, a warm cup of coffee, and what else?

Of course, plaid skirts!

The fall season indicates the beginning of the winter and what else does it mean? Any guesses?

It indicates the beginning of the winter fashion era in which a plaid skirt plays a crucial role! Even though these skirts are highly versatile and can be worn at any time of the year, winters are the best time to wear them.

Often ladies get confused about how to style their plaid skirt outfit or what kind of tops to wear with a plaid skirt. You can relax now as this article has got it all for you!

Where did plaid skirts originally come from?

The plaid skirt is of Scottish origin. This skirt is also known as the kilt and was immensely popular in the 90s era. These skirts come down to the knee length and are made from wool.

These skirts come in a tatarn pattern and mostly resemble wrap-around skirts. However, with the evolution of the fashion industry, people are also preferring to go for long plaid skirts.

Tops that can go best with a plaid skirt

Check out the below-mentioned outfit ideas that can go perfectly with your plaid skirt:

Try on the combination of a long blazer and a plaid skirt

This combination can simply make you look most elegant than ever. Try going for a solid-colored blazer to make the hue pop out just like your confidence!

A mini blue plaid skirt paired with a long white blazer would look undoubtedly stunning making you the limelight of the crowd! If you plan on attending pubs and parties, this plaid mini skirt outfit idea can make you look incredibly gorgeous!

Try a classic full-sleeved crop top

Who said a women’s plaid skirt can only go along with winter wear? As because this particular type of skirt is highly versatile, you can wear it in any season.

Do you want to make your spring break more colorful with your outfit?

Why not try out wearing a classic bright-colored full-sleeved crop top with a charming pink plaid skirt?

The colors you can opt for for the crop top are black, white, yellow, purple, or orange. You can also go for a green plaid skirt for this outfit idea. All these colors when paired up with the pink skirt will bring out the elegance in you incredibly!

Do not forget the Leather jackets

Do you desire to attend that long-awaited Christmas party that your girl gang organized? Then why not look your best?

Invest in a drop-dead gorgeous black leather jacket and pair it up with a red or maroon plaid skirt. You have to trust this suggestion as this gorgeous color combination of outfits would make you look better than ever!

If you wear this outfit idea to any party, you are sure to capture the attention of many! Be ready to witness people’s gaze turning only at you!

Wear your plaid skirt with a formal shirt


Do you want to carry your plaid skirt look to the office?

Then pair your long plaid skirt with a class white shirt to look formal, sophisticated yet enchanting. This look can be worn whenever you wish to go for minimum styling.

Wear a set of complimentary stone earrings to enhance the beauty of your look. So, do you have to attend any upcoming office events?

If yes, now you know what to wear, right?

Spaghetti tops are a great choice

Spaghetti tops are universal tops for women that can go along with almost any skirt, trousers, etc. You can style your spaghetti top with a black plaid skirt to look flawlessly gorgeous.

But, this outfit idea is more convenient for the spring season than the winter. So, if you want to try out this idea in the winter, you will need to wear a shrug over your spaghetti top to combat the chilly weather. However, this outfit idea can also be worn for Thanksgiving and Easter parties.

Is there any relation between plaid skirts and Christmas?

There is no direct relationship between plaids and Christmas. However, as you know these skirts originated in Scotland. It is not hidden from the world that Scottish people are known for their immense love for Christmas.

Earlier in the 1970’s the Scottish people used to wear plaid skirts on Christmas making them immensely popular. Hence, from there a craze for wearing plaids on Christmas sprung up. That is why people often link up these skirts with Christmas.

But whatever the reason be, if you want to look all gorgeous, classy, and festive-ready this Christmas, don’t think twice and try out these amazing outfit ideas.

Closing notes

Now you know what tops you can wear with your plaid skirt right? Welcome the winter with the above-mentioned stunning outfit ideas of plaid skirts. If you already don’t have a plaid skirt, take your shopping bags out and get yourself gorgeous skirts for women to rock the festive season with full grace!