. Top 27 Anime Home Decor Ideas

Top 27 Anime Home Decor Ideas

Anime Home Decor

Hey there! anime fans, don’t you secretly crave to time-travel to an anime world where all your favorite anime characters could talk to you? Then why not fulfill this craving? Anime is not just a cartoon but an emotion that connects directly with the soul. Can you relate to this so far? If yes, then get ready to explore a whole new world of fantastic home decor ideas of anime that can make you feel on cloud 9! Transform your home with the top 27 anime home decor ideas mentioned in this article. But before jumping onto the astonishing ideas, raise your hand if you are an anime fan too!

The top 27 anime home decor ideas

Check out these matchless 27 anime decor ideas that can make you feel like you are in an anime show! From anime bedroom ideas to anime wall decor ideas you will get it all here. Sounds exciting? Dig in now!

Simple anime bedroom decor

Simplicity rocks! First, let’s start with the basic and simple anime bedroom decor ideas. If you are more into simple decor ideas, begin by putting up a small photo or anime-themed accessory in your bedroom. Who is your favorite anime character? For example, if it’s Goku, start by sticking up an attractive Goku anime wallpaper for the bedroom. Or, if you are into Yagami, try putting up a Yagami-themed table clock on your bedside table.

Anime girl bedroom decor

The pink power! Hey fangirl, don’t you long to transform your boring bedroom into a cute pink bedroom just like the one that your favorite girl anime character has? Bring on the change! Roll on pastel pink over your bedroom walls and make it the room of your dreams. The pink anime bedroom background would be flattering. You can further furnish your anime room pink with cute pink charms and posters of your favorite anime characters. If you are a crazy fan of Yuno, who has pink hair too, decor your room further with her lovely posters and wallpapers to sprinkle that extra cuteness! Fill up every corner of your room with this anime wallpaper girl.

Anime wall ideas

Make the walls wonderful! It is mandatory to transform your house walls if you wish to bring about a total anime revolution in your house. Refer to the anime wall ideas provided in this article to bring a part of Japanese anime to your own home. Begin by putting up posters of your favorite characters and later top it off with some great lighting to give a more realistic effect to your walls. To add more essence of life to it, why don’t you try adding some anime live wallpaper? Follow these simple wall decor ideas and watch your home transform into an anime movie!

Creative anime-themed ceilings

Has the idea to add creative

touches to your house ceilings ever struck your mind? Grab this chance to add Japan anime wallpaper to your house ceilings to make things more thrilling. Make your anime bedroom background night mesmerizing with anime-led designs and neon ceiling stickers. You can do the same for the other rooms of your house too like drawing look, dining space, etc. After you have given the special anime touch to the ceiling of your room, you will always find your favorite characters starting at you with a comforting smile while you sleep!

Anime themed-headboards

Isn’t it interesting that you can even add an essence of anime to the headboard of your bed? Yes, make your room even more appealing with vibrant anime headboards. Put up giggling and cheerful stickers of all your favorite anime characters. Now, get ready to wake up every day seeing their giggly faces.

Charming Anime charms

Add the charming anime charms. If you are fond of collecting anime charms and have been doing that for a while, then it is the perfect time to display them. You can buy a small display board to put up all your anime charms there. You can do this in one or more rooms of your house based on the size of your collection.

Anime-themed plushies for your house

Add on some plush toys – Plush toys can never go out of demand! They are everyone’s favorite. Scatter anime-themed plushies in your room, balcony, and living room. Put up cute anime plush toys of your favorite characters all over your cushions and shelves to make it quite understandable that you are a hard-core anime fan.

Anime-themed furniture

 Does this thought excite you that you can even add the effect of anime to your ordinary furniture? You would get plenty of anime-themed furniture such as study tables, bookshelves, wardrobes, etc. Add a touch of anime to everything you use! It is an incredible anime home decor idea you can try.

Anime-themed gaming room

Redecorate your gaming room with anime! What’s better than having an anime-themed gaming room. You would get various anime gaming room backgrounds available online. Browse through the internet and get yourself a brand new anime wallpaper. Put it up on your gaming room wall and you are done! Make your gaming time more enjoyable than ever with these simple anime wall ideas.

Naruto-themed room

Naruto-themed room

Naruto vibe check! The fact that Naruto is one of the most popular anime characters is not unknown to anyone. Ask anyone who their favorite anime character is, the answer to that would be the same, Naruto. You can showcase your fandom by creating a Naruto-themed room. Add up Naruto wallpapers, bedsheets, pillows, stickers, etc. It would undoubtedly be one of the best anime boy bedroom background ideas. But, you can implement this anime decor idea in your living room and kitchen as well.

DIY anime decor ideas

DIY time! Gather your painting brush and start on the mission! Decorating your home with anime-themed ideas might be a load on the pocket if you fail to find cheap decor stuff. But, do not worry! You have still got your paints and brushes. If you are thinking about how to make anime room decor, the answer is simple. Take your time and paint your favorite anime characters by your heart on the wall. Believe it or not but transforming your casual bedroom into an anime bedroom background all by yourself would give another level of satisfaction. You can add this touch of creativity to your living room too, and paint your favorite character in the center of the living room wall to make things vibrant and bold.

Anime-themed sheets and rugs

Time for new rugs and bedsheets Change your old and boring bedsheets with the new vibrant anime-themed bed sheets. Besides, you can even add new anime-themed rugs and carpets to your collection. Change the couch cover of your living room and put on an attractive anime-themed cover instead. Your friends would be amazed!

Anime-themed curtains

Rejuvenate your house curtains. Curtains do play a crucial role in making the whole appearance of the house appealing. However, you can make your house even more attractive by putting on anime curtains for the bedroom. Mikasa, Eren, or whoever you like, put up curtains with their images and witness the instant transformation of your room! Bring home your favorite anime bedroom curtains today.

Shinchan-themed room deco

How about a Shinchan-themed room? You would hardly spot someone with a dislike for the most popular anime character among kids, Shinchan. This evergreen and notorious anime character have a charm that can lift your mood within seconds. Would you not want to feel enthusiastic and cheerful all the time? Decorate your entire room with Shinchan-themed accessories. Shinchan-themed anime wallpaper for the bedroom would be great. You can put up cute Shinchan stickers, soft toys, mats, pen stands, etc. If you have a sibling at your home, they will fall in love with your new Shinchan-themed anime bedroom design. Else, you can take this decor idea to your other rooms too. Make your sibling enthusiastic by transforming their room too!

Anime-themed photo frames

Frame your favorites! Why only your bedroom? Furnish your whole house with interesting anime wall ideas like framing. Yes, frame up your favorite anime characters and put up the framed photos in your living room and balcony space. You will surely astonish your guests with such incredible anime room ideas.

Anime balcony decor ideas

Have you ever thought of anime plant pots? This may sound odd to you but believe it or not, it is a great anime decore idea for home. For executing this idea you would need your DIY kit again. Paint your heart out. You can even stick anime stickers to your indoor plant pots. Display the astonishing anime-themed ceramic plant pots on your balcony would make everyone watch and stare with amazement! In addition, add cute anime-themed cushions to your balcony seat.

Anime-themed kitchen decor ideas

Bring the anime wave to your kitchen It might sound crazy but, adding essence to anime to every corner of your house won’t harm you, right? If you are on your mission to bring the anime effect to your whole house, don’t forget about the kitchen either. Begin with the dining table, and put on anime-themed kitchen table covers. Buy a new set of anime-themed cutlery and anime-themed add salt and pepper pots to boost the vibe even more. Also, add up appealing anime pictures all over to make the perfect anime room background kitchen.

Anime door decor ideas

Decorate your door. Yes, you can even decorate your door with anime stickers and posters. For a clear and concise image, you can even opt for laminating your bedroom door with the photos of your favorite anime character. Try this idea with your kitchen door and front door to amaze your guests. Though this decor idea would cost you a fortune, this is something you will never regret!

Anime-themed wall clocks

Tick-tock anime! You can replace all your old and ordinary wall clocks with unique anime-themed wall clocks. Again, this would add up to the bedroom anime wall ideas. But, not only in your bedroom, put on anime-themed clocks all over your house. Replace your old dining room clock with a brand new anime-themed clock.

Anime-themed lampshades and lights

Lavish anime lampshades When you are including anime designs on each of your furniture, why exclude the lampshade? A cute table lamp with anime characters would be the perfect decor idea for an anime apartment bedroom. Led anime-themed bedside lamps are now in high demand. Staying in an apartment might cause space issues. So keep the decor ideas crisp. Try this anime home decor idea to change the monotonous outlook of your apartment bedroom.

Manga Japanese anime bedroom   

 How about including the magical manga theme in your bedroom? Being an anime lover you would surely love a customized bedroom blooming with manga designs. Add manga-themed posters and stickers all over your room to make your anime house bedroom more vibrant than ever! You can even furnish your japan anime room further by displaying manga comic books on your bookshelf.

Pikachu-themed room decor


Get cuddly with Pikachu sheets From kids to adults, Pikachu has been an emotion for everyone. The cute face of Pikachu instantly arouses the desire to cuddle with it. Why don’t you fulfill that desire now? It is easy! Get yourself a charming Pikachu-themed bedsheet to feel the real cuddles. Plus, add on some Pikachu plushies and stickers for some extra effect. From the bedroom to the living room, make every room of your house bloom with Pikachu designs!

Gothic anime room decor

Do you dare to have a gothic anime bedroom? Do you want your anime bedroom dark? Then why don’t you opt for the gothic anime bedroom background? Paint the walls of your room with dark colors and hang up posters of Medusa to compliment the theme even more. The gothic anime horror movies starring old mansion-like bedrooms are really attractive. Do you wish to get an effect of an anime mansion bedroom? To add even more thrill to your gothic anime bedroom try adding scary pictures of the famous anime horror series Vampire Hunter’. Apply this anime home decor idea to your bedroom and feel the real thrill!

Doraemon theme room

Are you in for some blues? Who is the first blue anime character that comes to your mind? Isn’t it Doraemon? Welcome your childhood favorite anime character to your room with Doraemon posters and stickers. You can even paint your room blue to complement the Doraemon theme. The anime blue bedroom background along with the Doraemon photos, plushies, and stickers would make your bedroom the perfect childhood dream room! Also the bright blue and white color combination is ideal to depict daytime. If you want light and daytime colors for your bedroom, choose this anime bedroom background day.

Anime Bathroom decor ideas

  Take your anime decor ideas for home even to your bathing space! Get yourself anime-themed bathtubs that are available on the market. Also, you can take inspiration from the very popular anime film, ‘Ride your wave’. The theme of this movie would match perfectly with your bathroom anime decor idea. Laminate the walls of your bathroom with Ponyo-themed graphics to feel like you are actually under the sea!

Aesthetic anime bedroom decor

A little aesthetic is always in fashion. If you are craving an aesthetic anime room, you are at the right place! For getting the perfect aesthetic anime bedroom background, begin by putting up aesthetic anime photo frames all over your room. You can even create a cute and aesthetic anime collage of your favorite characters. Include aesthetic plushy toys such as Snorlax or Pikachu. Decorate your study table with adorable anime figures, and top it off with some aesthetic and cute stickers. Put on aesthetic anime girl wallpaper in a corner of your room to make it look cozier. You can create a small smile scrapbook and display it on your bookshelf.

Anime Living room ideas

 Bring the night sky in ‘Your name’ to your living room. You must know how beautiful the sky in ‘Your Name’ looked. Add posters of anime characters on your living room wall with the lighting. The fascinating beauty of this room will be expressed at night time. The beautiful and captivating lights will make your anime living room background night a dream room for anime lovers!

Does anime decor look good?

Anime decor does look good though there are different opinions about it. Every individual is different from the other and has different preferences. If you are an anime lover, there’s no shame in furnishing your house with anime decors. Undoubtedly the anime decors are vibrant, attractive, and unique. If you wish to, you can try the fantastic ideas of anime decor given in this piece of article. Though anime decor can be a bit expensive on the budget, they are truly worth it.

What are the two types of anime decor ideas?

In reality, there are more than two types of anime decor ideas. If you still want to categorize, you will get two main categories. At first, there is a bright and vibrant anime decor depicting the protagonist anime characters. If you opt for this decor theme, your room will be full of life and vibrancy. The second category refers to gothic anime decor ideas depicting the antagonist dark anime characters. If you are more inclined towards this category, you need to opt for dark color shades, and led lighting.


These were the top 27 anime home decor ideas for you to give your entire house an anime effect. If you are an anime fan you must have already started planning and prepping for implementing these ideas, isn’t it? Bring home your favorite anime wallpaper home decor stuff or start with the DIY ideas. Take reference from this article and bring the anime wave to each corner of your house! Don’t waste any more time, and start with your anime home decorations!