. 21 Best Medium Hair Styles for Men

21 Best Medium Hair Styles for Men

Medium Hair Styles for Men
Medium Hair Styles for Men

Medium-length hairstyles for men have become frenzy nowadays. Unlike short hair, the medium length is optimum for styling it any way they want. It is not news that men are highly possessive about their hairstyles, but often they do not use the right products or the right haircut. Men’s medium short hairstyle is currently the fashion going around.

For men, medium-length hairstyles tend to be a healthy head of hair. If you have a well-formed understanding of the type of hair you have and what suits you, a medium-length hairstyle can be a great choice for you. In this article, let us discuss the various medium-length hairstyles and how to do Medium Hair Styles for Men.

How to style hair men?

Styling men’s hair is easy. All you require is to towel dry your hair and apply some texture cream. Below listed are 21 medium hair styles men for men

How to style medium hair men?

medium hair style for men

1. Natural Medium Length Waves   

For a men’s classic haircut, a natural length wave is quite fashionable currently. Longer hair on the top and shorter on the bottom is the way to do it. You can even create a pomade to hold the hair while you are styling it back and towards the side.

2. Spiky Low Fade Haircut

One of the most popular medium hairstyles for boys. Not tricky and easy to style, a spiky low fade isn’t longer than a few inches. You just let your hair air dry, use pomade on top to pull it straight up and separate the spikes, and then apply some hair spray on top of everything and you are ready to own the day.

3. Classic Brush Back Hairstyle

This is a professional medium hairstyle male that never goes out of style, most popular among the 60s English college boys.  Clean edges around the ear and the nape paired with the low taper have a modern appeal. Smoothening the hair back and out of the way is how to style hair men with much ease.

4. Grown Out Layers medium hair length styles men

This suave cut is one of the medium hairstyles for men with thick hair. You are likely to get the best results out of this hairstyle by blow-drying after a wash instead of air drying it. A round brush ought to form the barely-there flip at the strand ends.

5. Side-shaved com Over: Medium Hair Styles for Men

This style involves balancing the length and is more of a medium hairstyle for boys. A buzzed side along with a slick comb-over till the chin, paired with a thick beard lets you rock and have a rugged and masculine look.

6. Tousled Balayage Medium Hair Style for Men

This gorgeous cut is a must among medium hair length styles men with thick hair. Toning is crucial here so go to a hairstylist who knows how to style hair men. Caramel, instead of yellow from the 90s, highlights complete the messy balayage.

7. Medium Length Undercut

If you are looking for men’s medium short hairstyles, nothing beats the classic undercut. A subtly smooth and sleek undercut paired with a short and clean-kempt beard is as fresh as they get. If your stylist knows how to style medium-length hair, this cut is a perfect fit.

8. Sexy Natural Waves: Medium Hair Styles for Men

This cut is not one of the Medium Hair Styles for Men ; you have to rock this with attitude. It involves a good volume and a suitable dose of natural waves to modify the layers and 5 o’clock shadow into a poised yet seductive appeal.

9. Taper Fade with Asymmetric Volume : Medium Hair Styles for Men

The height of your hair perfectly balances a sleek combover in this style. The neat line and the tapered edges convey a display of classic masculinity. When paired with a rugged beard, this style goes long.

10. Pompadour with Short Sides: Medium Hair Styles for Men

Longish all over a dramatic build from a skin fade added with a long swath at the top answers the question of how to style medium hair men. A cropped exterior further highlights the bone structure and turns styling into much ease. You can also apply wax for the firm, flexible hold.

11. Clean Mid-length Cut: Medium Hair Styles for Men

Although not as modern as undercuts, this cut will never go out of style. A layered medium hair length styles men cut on bulk without sacrificing length, allowing your hair to cover your head. It is a timeless and powerful style when worn parted and brushed back at the sides.

12. Minimalistic Tapered Cut Medium Hair Styles for Men

This men’s medium short hairstyle length suit best if you have a fine texture. Gradual cuts make up for weight and create progressive strands that can which complement fine hair. Long hair with short edges is a great cut that boasts length and volume but still looks very neat.

13. Ridged Comb Over

Ravaged edges and a deep side part resemble a vintage appeal to Medium Hair Styles for Men This sophisticated look along with a skin fade eliminates hard-to-maintain hairlines. A dab of styling cream and a wide-toothed comb can further modernize the disconnection situated at the top.

14. Swept Back Medium Hair Styles for Men

A medium hair length styles men portrays polish and nonchalance. Longer lengths do not need frequent trimming as fades demand. To achieve a sleek, lasting finish, apply styling cream on damp hair and comb it into place.

15. Burst Fade with Wave Over

Brust fade with wave over

Inspired by crashing ocean waves, this fade is sleek and makes your hairdo stand out. Parted deeply on one side, swept up and over the split to form a dynamic arc, it is even easy to recreate: dry hair to one and flip and spray into place.

16. Textured Disconnection: Mens Medium Hairstyles

Want to control strands with movement but do not want to compromise on length? You are set with an undercut that feels like groomed tailoring. The sculpted lengths up top usually give way to gel and finger-styled, with a cool separation and a defining cut.

17. Wavy Comb Over

Styling heavily impacts texture in medium haircuts for men. To create a continuous ripple, brush your hair to the side and back. The shape feels sleek yet edgy, like something straight from a menswear catalog. It tends to feel conservative yet surprisingly fluffy.

18.High Fade with Mid-Length Top: Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Edgy does not always need to be rainbow streaks and sharp designs. Enhancing classic proportions to further possibilities can pave the way to a subtle sense of rebellion. An extremely short fade often pays off high and tight while the mussed back pokes at professional Medium Hair Styles for Men .

19. Tapered Afro Medium Hair Styles for Men

Medium hair length can form natural curls, often paired with a loose interior accompanied by sculpted edges. The fade line is low-kempt to provide for a looser hairdo. The line-up further keeps up with trends, making it the perfect sweet spot between geometric and organic designs.

20. Style with Side Spiked Fringe

Men’s medium short hairstyles can provide a plethora of styling options: from business-like to highly edgy. If you are into gravity-defying shapes, apply wax to strands and add contour by blow-drying. The result will be a polished sheen and flexible yet firm hold.

21. Short Ponytail with Beard: Hairstyles for Medium Hair

While many assume a beard and a ponytail to be the epitome of male hipster getup, there’s no denying the appeal of a hairdo like that. The sheer ruggedness adds infinitely to the appealing factor than any casual hairdo paired with a full beard.


While a few of us love paying a monthly visit to the barber, for others, it can prove to be a chore, for them it is no more than a necessary evil. However, if you can afford the time and possess the inclination, you have more say in picking a cut. If your barber knows how to style hair men, you can determine your haircut, from professional medium hairstyles male to medium hairstyles for boys to men’s medium short hairstyles. While structured cuts are always a better hairdo if you do not prefer the fuss, buzzcuts, fades and crew cuts usually demand increased visits to the barber. But the upside to them is that they tend to demand comparatively less frequent styling.