. 16 Morning Breakfast Nook Ideas that Show your Design Style

16 Best Breakfast Nook Ideas | How to Set Up a Breakfast Nook?

Breakfast Nook Idea
Breakfast Nook Idea

Make your mornings a little sunnier by adding a breakfast nook inside your house. Whether you are having your charge-up coffee in the morning or trying to read a book being a sleepyhead, a breakfast nook is an ideal addition to your house, and believe it or not, the best way to start your day.

A fine cozy breakfast nook ideas can even change a night owl into a morning bird.  Don’t you like the sound of waking up early, to a corner of your house so beautiful that it inspires you to spend the day in a better way? Firstly, breakfast is the most important meal of your day, and when you add some quality family time to it, your day just gets better.  If you are a loner, this cozy spot is great to enjoy a cup of coffee with your favorite book. 

If you are looking for different ideas to make yourself a fine breakfast nook, take a look at this article as here we will discuss everything there is to know about this useful piece of furniture. From various ways to make your corner breakfast nook to why you should have one in the house, keep reading to know everything!

What is a breakfast nook?

Much like any table like a dining table or coffee table, a breakfast nook is a place where people casually enjoy their meals. However, there are certain features about this product that makes it different from other tables. Like, a coffee table is placed in the living room, as furniture associated with the other elements of the room, such as a sofa or couch. The primary purpose of a dining table is to share meals with the family. Also, dining tables are much bigger and spacious compared to breakfast nooks.

Breakfast nooks on the other hand are closely attached to the kitchen and are generally found in a corner. To turn the best of your kitchen nook, try adding a banquette, which is an ideal setting for families and children.

If you add the correct elements, upholstery, or dynamic art accommodating with your breakfast nook idea, you can easily make it appear to be separate from the rest of the space. It will help you create an illusion of a designated area for casual eating, chat, and leisure brunch or supper space. If you don’t have a built-in modern breakfast nook, use the correct corner with some additional features and turn it into your intimate dining spot in no time.

Take a look at some ideas for a modern breakfast nook table set that will help you create what you are looking for.

16 Morning Breakfast Nook Ideas that Show your Design Style

1. Organic breakfast Nook Idea

A beautiful breakfast nook table in natural style gives off the perfect beach bungalow vibes. If you want something fun, elegant, and classy with an amazing indie backdrop, this might be your perfect choice. Add accent wallpapers and build-in seating arrangements to make it look more aesthetic. Another element that will greatly complement this breakfast nook idea is houseplants. Add small or large plants like pothos, rubber plants, as per your choice and this place is to die for!

2. Boho Modern Breakfast Nook Idea

Looking for something simple and intimate? A Boho-style breakfast nook is ideal for such a setting. Keep the place close to a large window and add a two-seater round table. Keep the colors simple, best if natural shades like peach pink, dull brown are accented with plain white walls.

3. Portable Breakfast nook Idea

Want a breakfast nook but there is less space in the kitchen? Simple! With a portable/foldable breakfast nook bench, not only will you be able to save space but also use the breakfast nook as a storage space when not in use. This will allow you to have cozy meals as well as get the extra counter space you have been wanting.

4. Two-in-one Breakfast Nook Idea

Get a wonderful two-in-one breakfast nook table by signing a center table with a corner breakfast nook. This will benefit you in ways you couldn’t even think of. Accessorize the place with anything you want, lights, plants, etc, and use it even as a workspace or a reading spot.  A breakfast nook by the fridge has its perks!

5. Go Retro

Turn an awkward corner in the kitchen into a beautiful retro-style breakfast nook with nothing more than a round petite table. Place it across a window seat or simply add some single chairs. Just like that, a clumsy awkward corner will become an acute, cozy place to share a slice of pizza with your partner on a lazy day.

6. Corner Breakfast Nook Idea

Just like the previous one, corner breakfast nooks are a great idea to utilize an awkward useless corner in the house by turning into a pretty, convenient, and cozy dining area. If you look out a bit, the IKEA breakfast nook even has storage space, so you can easily store your morning reads and yoga mats in there.

7. Modern-day Farmhouse

Modern-day Farmhouse breakfast nook idea

A cozy breakfast nook table with shades of yellow, ochre, orange, and brown mindfully accessorized with the right patterns will give a high-end elegant look to the overall space. Adding framed artwork, a statement light or lamp and curtains matching the patterns on the breakfast nook will accentuate the entire look.

8. Scandi-Statement

If you are looking for something bold and vibrant, a scandi style nook table will be an ideal choice.  Cozy and comfortable, and highlighted with bold and bright colors, glimmering up your mornings, even more, it is an ideal choice for a morning enthusiast.

9. The Library Breakfast Nook

Breakfast and books go hand in hand. Catch up on the classic novel that you were reading on an elegant and tasteful breakfast nook. If you have always been wondering how to make the bookshelf look even better, add this cozy meal spot close to it and give your house the urban touchup.

10. Eclectic Breakfast Nook Idea

When creating a unique and modern-day dining space, like a cozy breakfast nook dining set, you don’t have to worry about all the elements matching each other perfectly. A mixed breakfast look with modern as well as traditional touches will give you an eclectic combination. Try our vibrant accent walls with wooden breakfast nook tables and chairs, and make this part of your house stand out.

11. In-Kitchen Breakfast nook

Compliment your kitchen with an adjacent dining nook. Add similar decors in both spaces, but also make sure that they don’t collide. Wayfair breakfast nook is known for its beaded board with elegant and rustic wood furniture. Try to match the feel of both the places in a way that they praise each other. To distinguish your breakfast nook area from the best of the kitchen, add a statement rug under the table.

12. Window Seat Breakfast Nook Idea

Effortlessly turn a window seat into a breakfast nook just by adding a table. It’s up to you whether or not you want to keep chairs, but in case guests arrive, it comes in handy. Add plush pillows and a cozy blanket, and voila! Enjoy Netflix with some warm hot chocolate.

13. Bay-Window

Are you a fan of the early morning light? Then an oversized breakfast nook, paired with a comfortable seating arrangement is the choice for you.

14. Casual Breakfast Nook Idea

A simple window wall added with a table and a few extra seating arrangements is the simplest yet the best choice for any family to sit together and grab a quick meal. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but also, healthy for the family.

15. Urban Breakfast nook Idea

With the right colors, a statement pendant light, and a modern table chair set, you will be able to create the perfect breakfast nook for an urban household. Keep one side of the wall plain white and add a few artworks in the other one, and see how beautiful the place appears.

16. Accent breakfast nook Idea

If you have a seemingly useless space left in any corner of your house, with no idea of what to do, turn it into a breakfast nook corner. Play with the natural right around the room and add colors the complement, the walls, and furniture.


By no means are breakfast nooks outdated? If anything, they greatly upraise the entire look of your house. Get creative and make yourself a comfortable and cozy morning breakfast nook ideas for your intimate moments.