. Bring Life to Your Empty Wall with Coat Racks

Bring Life to Your Empty Wall with Coat Racks

Coat Racks

Want to add a little twist to your living space? Well, use your coats instead of letting them hang inside your closet! Sounds absurd? Well, it won’t be if you style your coats with a coat rack in your empty spaces.

If your front door looks empty and lonely, it’s time to decorate the space with coat racks or stands and give a new look that will catch your visitor’s eyes whenever they visit. Turn a bare space into a point of attraction just by displaying your collection of beautiful coats!

Curious how it will add appeal to neglected spaces? Let’s discover the various ways of hanging coats.

Coat rack stand

The classic form of hanging coats or hats that has been a tradition to keep beside the front door since the Victorian age, is a very interesting way of livening up your entryway.

Why coat stands will be a perfect match for your space décor?

  • Perfect for vintage or farmhouse décor a coat rack brings a rustic yet contemporary flair to hanging coats.
  • It is a very practical attachment for the winter and also for people who lack space to keep their winter clothing elsewhere.
  • Who said coat stands have to stay limited to coats? Hang your carry bags, grocery bags, and baskets, and create a beautiful piece of décor for your doorway!
  • An interesting selection of coat stands would be a coat rack stand. Instead of hanging coats on hooks, you will be able to hang your pretty collection of coats and other winter garments too.
  • The coat rack bench also comes with storage space underneath where you can also display or keep your shoes.

Wall coat rack

Don’t have a place for another standing décor? But you still want to spice up that empty wall beside the door? A wall-mounted coat rack will be perfect for this occasion.

  • Ideal for use in living rooms, hallways, and bedrooms as you can easily attach them to an empty wall without much concern for floor space.
  • Besides aesthetics, they are functional and affordable with durable designs.

Some tips to hang a coat rack on a wall without studs

You might worry about studs not lining up on your walls but don’t worry! Here is how to hang a coat rack on a wall without studs!

You can use both drywall anchors and molly bolts to easily put up shelves and coat hangers. Here is how.

  1. Measure and drill pilot holes
  2. Mark endpoints and join them
  3. Tap the anchors into the pilot holes with a hammer and Screw the wall anchors into the wall
  4. Hold the mounting brackets up and screw them together.

Now, you are free to hang your coats however you like!

Coat rack bench

Looking for coat racks with versatile storage options? The best answer is a coat rack wooden bench. You get a coat rack, shoe storage, and bench all in one place!

  • You can maximize the use of space by getting a coat rack with a bench.
  • Don’t have to limp around on one leg while putting on shoes. Just sit comfortably and finish your work.
  • Extra storage space for shoes and other amenities that you require nearhand while going out in a hurry.
  • Also, a lower storage area to keep your things clean and organized.
  • Wooden texture gives vintage or farmhouse décor similarity.

Are your standards getting high? Don’t like the options offered in the market? Want to add a little bit of your own flair to your hand-made décor? Well, I’m here to help you build your own coat rack that will become a one-of-a-kind object!

How to build a coat rack?

Do you want to build a coat rack by yourself? Here’s how you can do it.

Coat rack stand

Materials required:

  • 4×4, 2×4
  • A board at least 7”x7”
  • a few coat hooks
  • wood glue

Simply mount the board and pin in the hooks and a free-standing coat rack is ready to use. Color it with your favorite paint or just keep the authentic reclaimed wood look. Whatever matches your uniqueness!

Wall coat rack

Materials required:

  • Bunch of old rusty nails or some hooks
  • Some pieces of flat wood, are better if reclaimed
  • Coat hangers

Here are some steps on how you can build a wall coat rack.

Step 1: Cut the wood to the required size

Step 2: Drill holes for the hooks

Step 3: Paint or sandpaper the wood according to your choice or the environment the rack will be placed.

Step 4: Attach hooks (or use the coat hangers and glue them to the wooden board to achieve an interesting look!)

Step 5: Attach shelves underneath as many as you want. Go creative. Think big. And you have your own wall coat rack in a jiffy!

Coat rack bench

Materials required:

  • Screws, nails, plywood, coat hooks
  • Wood glue
  • Drill/driver

A few steps building a coat rack bench

Step 1: Drill pocket holes

Step 2: Assemble the grill into a box and paste them together

Step 3: Attach the seat to the box

Step 4: Attach the hook to the frame of the rack accordingly

And there you are! Your coat rack bench is ready to use and decorate your house in these easy steps!


Well, I am sure that a certain plan is evolving in your head so don’t think more. From the various designs with storage options to how to build your own coat rack it all depends upon your need. Now all you need to do is get yourself going, either to your nearest shop or get a readymade option or get raw material to make one. Hope you are satisfied with what you create or buy. Thank you.