. 8 Interior Design Tips to Elevate Your Kitchen Space

8 Interior Design Tips to Elevate Your Kitchen Space

Kitchen Space

In many houses today, the kitchen becomes the heart of the home. Our busy lives dictate family members hold conversations within or near the kitchen as a parent makes a meal. Therefore, elevating your kitchen space needs one to consider its design, beauty, and functionality. How then can we uplift the kitchen space?

1. Space Arrangement

Your kitchen can become a comfortable space to work in if you consider the arrangement of the cabinets, worktops, and appliances. The heavy traffic flow is at the kitchen sink, cooker, refrigerator, and door or opening to the kitchen. Try to keep these areas hazard-free or have enough space to maneuver around them without bumping into anything.

2. Elevate Cabinet Fixtures

Cabinets act as both the design and functionality of the kitchen. Decide where to store the utensils, cleaning products, pots and pans, and others. Store these items in areas easily accessible to the activity. For example, storing cleaning supplies next to or under the sink makes them readily available when needed. 

You can change some of your kitchen cabinets to pull-out drawers to create more storage spaces and modernize your kitchen. The market offers various designs and colors of cabinets that you can use to update your kitchen. To learn more, visit stores and online furniture sites. Changing drawer and cabinet handles and painting your kitchen cabinet all help elevate the kitchen.

For functionality, make a part of the kitchen island an area your kids can do their homework or other activities. Thus, including the family as you work along in the kitchen. Depending on your kitchen size, include a bench and table area for your kids’ activities.

3. Kitchen Lighting

One of the essential features of your kitchen is bright lighting. The lighting fixtures need to provide enough light to eliminate dark areas in the kitchen and allow clear visibility. If you have top cabinets, consider having under-cabinet lighting to illuminate the worktops.

Some interior designers suggest the use of different levels of lights. Mix roof spotlights and hanging lighting pendants to create focal points in your kitchen. Drop pendant lights work best over kitchen islands.

4. Upgrade Appliances

Have you had your appliances for many years? Do they look outdated? Depending on your budget, consider upgrading some appliances to uplift the kitchen.

5. Have a feature wall

Use texture, paint, wallpaper, and tiles to create a feature wall in your kitchen. You instantly produce a statement wall, which advances through the kitchen’s personality and interest. Why have a feature or accent wall? Apart from the wall being a focal point, it can create the feeling of expansion or narrowing of the kitchen space, which contributes to the kitchen mood.

6. Decorate with Wall Backsplash

Adding a decorative or neutral backsplash over your counters brings creativity and artistry into your kitchen. It contributes to the kitchen mood and excitement. The backsplash tiles also block food splashes from hitting the wall. Therefore, if any food stains splash onto these tiles, you can easily wipe them away from the tiles.

7. Organize the Kitchen

Does your kitchen feel small and cramped? Maybe you need to declutter the kitchen countertops and put away items into storage. Having hooks on the back of a storage door creates an area to hang cleaning items, pans, ladle spoons, and other items. Re-organizing the cabinets and drawers can give you added space to store some worktop appliances in the newly created storage space. Give away items you no longer use but sit on your countertops.

8. Paint the Kitchen

A fresh dose of paint can uplift your kitchen. Neutral shades give the kitchen a spacious feel. Use contemporary colors to create accent walls. Blend your colors with the kitchen furniture and fixtures. Painting your kitchen is the quickest way to modernize and elevate it without spending a lot of money. Painting is less expensive than renovating any cabinets.


You can elevate your kitchen space on a limited budget. Make a plan for what you want to prioritize and the resources needed to make the changes. As we have seen, all you might need to do is to declutter your kitchen and add a potted plant or two on your countertop. The more space in your kitchen, the more spacious your kitchen will feel.