. The Ultimate Guide to Haircut Lengths: Short to Long

The Ultimate Guide to Haircut Lengths: Short to Long

Haircut Lengths

In the fashionable world, everybody wants to get a haircut length that looks great on them and makes them stand out in the crowd. here in this article as a reader, you will see a briefly explained importance of haircuts with different lengths.

Also, here you will see short to long-length hairstyles which are trending and can be done so you also stand out in a crowd positively and look great.

Importance of Haircut Lengths

In the advancing world maintaining hair and cutting it on time both need to be properly done or that person will be considered a wild animal.

If you ask why? The answer is obvious in the modern world being standing out is good but in a positive way and not having proper hairstyle makes you look bad and gives a negative impression on the person you interact with.

As a person hair gives him confidence to walk in society and helps to attract the attention of a person towards the face more. Today in the hairstyling world many different types of haircutting styles are out for people to experiment on as per their face shape and features.

As mentioned there are too many kinds of haircuts like there are short-length hair hairstyles, and there are long-length hair hairstyles for men and females both are different the variety does not decrease by gender.

The Impact of Haircut Lengths on Style and Personal Expression

The haircut length defines your personality and if someone wants to change it they can also do it by just adjusting and shaping them a little. There are modern types of equipment which help professionals make their hair shine in different ways just by adjusting the length.

There are things a person should know like if his hair is receding or not. For those short-length hairstyles is the best. On the other hand, if your hair is strong but your forehead is getting exposed you can try out long-length hairstyles.

These things can help people to change their looks and personal expression of themselves in society easily. 

Popular Men’s Hairstyles by Length

Short haircut Lengths

Crew cut

This haircut is a classic one that a man can do from time to time to make him look good plus resolve many issues like hair fall. There are two things you can do to have this hairstyle yourself.

First, you can visit a professional and tell him all the specifications like the use of clipper size 2 or 3 for getting the length you want.

Or you can buy yourself a hairdressing kit and slowly start the slipper and shade hairs and leave the upper short or medium.

Number 2 Haircut: Buzz cut

This is also an easy hairstyle a person can do it himself or get it done quickly from any professional place. The clipper is a must in this hairstyle as there needs to be shading of all the hairs from the side end and back end.

However, a person decides that he wants to keep short or medium hair in this cut. The haircut is easy and does not require heavy maintenance busy men can go for it. 

Medium Haircut Lengths 

Taper cut

In men’s haircut, there is are variety in which this hair is unique and makes the men look young. The secret of this hairstyle is that when men gradually do hair cutter length from one length to another.

The hairs need to be faded shorter in the hairstyle and blended into the skin which defines the name of the cut. The best part is any person can do it. it does not matter what their hair is like for example curly or straight anybody can do it and look great.


This hairstyle is very popular with teenagers as it makes them confident plus gives them a strong main look. The haircut was introduced in the 50s based on the military flat top with a little mohawk occasionally thrown in.

It is similar to the Pompadour haircut’s high contrast cut that brings a stylish confident aesthetic to any guy’s style.

The haircut features a short side and back with the help of a clipper and long hair on top depending on the desired person’s want.

Also, the hairs are adjusted as per the length of the hairs which you can do but a professional can do better. So, it is not a bad idea to visit one for the first time to learn and observe.

Long Haircut Lengths

Man Bun

Many men love long hair but do not know what type of long hairstyle they should do. So This man bun hairstyle can be suited for you as it is versatile which is increasingly becoming popular in recent years.

The idea is men with long hair pulled back and secured into a bun at the crown back of the head. The bun looks stylish and attractive hairstyle. It can be created up or down making it suitable for a variety of occasions. 

Long Layered

This haircut is simple and known among many people. However, they get afraid to experiment with it. So we encourage you to do it as it is one of the best long hairstyles for men to show off their stately mane by having a layered cut. 

This haircut can be one with different lengths men can do it with very long to medium hair as you have seen in the John Wick movie’s main character hairstyle.

You will also look killer with just some trimming with clipper or side ends and adjustments.

Surfers Hair

This haircut is famous among many surfers due to the its ties up their hair so it stays out of their face when they are out catching waves.

Over time, this gives them creative waves or curls in the hair which is a signature part of the surfer look.

At the same time, surfer hair is a timeless, cool, and laid-back hairstyle that captures the essence of beachy vibes and effortlessly chic style.

Clippers Hair Techniques

Overview of Clipper Haircutting

in the world of hairstyles technology advanced and given a variety of gadgets which can give us a variety of hairstyles easily. One of them is the clipper a popular and efficient tool for achieving a hairstyle from short length hairstyle with intricating designs.

The new hairdresser knows how to use them and you can have a haircut yourself by asking your nearest hairstyler by telling him the length and style from above we have given suggested you will surely look great. 

Tips for Achieving a Professional-Looking Haircut at Home

There are multiple factors one should know to get a professional-looking hairstyle which you will find below for your better understanding-

  • The person who seeks a professional-looking haircut has to invest in buying a hairdressing kit and tools with a good quality comb of different sizes.
  • Before starting the hairstyle research it out properly and find out the proper ways to do it and what will help you to make it perfect.
  • Always wash your hair before dressing it out and dry it also so that you can just wet the area which you want to dress at the time of doing.
  • Haircutting has styles however it totally depends on the person’s own desire to leave the length of his hair. So you need to decide it first before starting.
  • You can watch multiple professional videos on the internet for your reference.
  • In the end, it is always best to seek out a professional near you to get a professional-looking hairstyle faster and perfectly.

Recommended Clippers for Different Lengths

  • Whenever you are experimenting for the first time with a clipper for different hairs yourself be careful and research properly.
  • Keep in mind that it was best to go and visit a professional. As they have every equipment and can help with them.
  • however, when it comes to short hairstyles with short-length hair like buzz cuts or crew cuts. The high-quality adjustable clippers are the ideal thing for you.
  • between many hair kits it is hard to choose you can go for the Wahl Elite Pro high-performance haircut kit.
  • For medium hairs, the Andis master adjustable blade clippers are used by professional grade. That will help you to precisely do the blending and tapering of your hair texture.
  • In the end who are looking for a long hair clipper for the Norelco multi-groom series 7000 will be the best clipper as it is a kit of clippers that is suitable for long hair adjustments.

Maintenance and Care

Each and everyone should take proper care of their hair as the days go by the number of hair problems increases. People are facing hair falls more often at a young age due to different reasons. As your hair is important below are some advice on hair care and maintenance you can use at your home.

  • First, before going through each thing make sure that each person has different hairs and there can be a possibility that the product or advice does not suit you or your hairs.
  • Always before applying something to your hair use them on your skin parts that have hair. Like your hand or legs.
  • if after a good amount of time, nothing happens like it does not irritate or hairs are there you are good to go.
  • Oiling your hair weekly two times is a must. As mentioned above each hair has different requirements but you can use coconut or olive oil. 
  •   doing a proper washing of hair in each two-day break is necessary plus make sure to conditioner.  


In the overall article, everything is written in a way to makes you understand it easily and you can also do those hairstyles on yourself. We assure you that those haircuts are the best you will find and can do it yourself.

However, it is important to follow each and every step properly and have a deep understanding of your facial shape and size with features.

To categorize the best one for you from the above read out the tips tricks and recommendations given above for more knowledge on hairstyling and get yourself one or learn how to do it yourself at home.