. Using Eye Shadow Palate in 5 Different ways

Using Eye Shadow Palate in 5 Different ways

Using Eye Shadow Palate in 5 Different ways

Is there any chance to Using Eye shadow Palate in 5 Different Ways? If you want to know about these magical makeup hacks then stay with this article. Today I’m telling you how to do other things to using eye shadow palate.

The eye shadow palette is a very important part of our makeup kit. An eye shadow palette consists of seven to eight different colors. Some of the colors are matte and some are shimmery or glittery colors. Smoky Eye, Glitter Eye, or other eye makeup cannot be created without an eye shadow palette. A good eye shadow palette is very necessary to create good eye makeup.

But, there is a question which brings me to write this article. So the question is “Are we use eye shadow palettes to another way except eye makeup?” Not at all! An eye shadow palette can be used as a different part of makeup. All you have to do is choose the right shade of color. An eye shadow palette can be used as contouring your face, Highlighter, to make your eyebrows, nude lipstick, or dry eyeliner. Lets know using eye shadow palate in 5 different ways.

Contouring face

There are many colors in the eye shadow palette and those colors can be used in different ways. You just have to choose the eyeshadow color according to the color of your contour. After choosing the contour color, you can contour your chick bone by helping with a contour brush. You can also use matte dark brown to contour your face from your eye shadow palette.


As I said before, an eye shadow palette has different colors like dark light matte shimmer or others. To highlight the face we need to choose a light shade shimmery or glittery color from the eyeshadow palette. Then take a small amount of light glittery color with a highlighter brush and remove the extra product from the brush.

Eyebrow makeup

You need to choose a shade of dark according to your eyebrow color from your eye shadow palette. Then you can make your eyebrows with a dark collar with help of an eyebrow brush. So, if you forget to take eyebrow-making products then the eye shadow palette can save your day.

Nude lipstick

Nude lipstick look

Choose your favorite nude shade in your eye shadow palette and use it as nude lipstick. You just have to blend the powder in your lips so it will no more feel like powder type. Or you can do take some amount of eye shadow color and add some Vaseline in it and mix them to get the creamy texture. Both processes you can use to make nude lipstick by using eyeshadow.


It’s not a bad idea to take a dark color from your shadow palate with a thin eye brush and apply it as eyeliner. It can save your special day if you forget your liner. Apply for 2-3 times and the color becomes a darker shade so it feels more like original eyeliner.