. How to Clean Different Types of Floor Mats?

How to Clean Different Types of Floor Mats?

Types of Floor Mats

Hey there! Are you looking for convenient and easy ways to clean up your floor mats? Have a look at this article right here to know about easy cleaning techniques for different types of floor mats. There are various types of floor mats available on the market depending upon your preference and need. For example, you will get rubber floor mats for your car, scraper floor mats, recessed floor mats, wiper mats, cocoa mats, etc. There are different procedures to clean up different types of floor mats. Take a quick tour of this useful article and conduct easy cleaning of your floor mats.

How to clean various types of floor mats?

Read below to know about the cleaning process of different types of floor mats in detail

●   How do you clean rubber floor mats for your car?

The rubber floor mats are the best suited for cars. They are highly durable, versatile, and effortless to clean up. The materials you would require to clean up your rubber car floor mat are

  • car floor mat cleaner, you can also use a mild detergent powder if you do not have a car floor mat cleaning solution
  • A scrubber brush
  • A garden hose pipe to spray water

Let’s begin with the procedure of cleaning rubber floor mats now!

  • Spray water all over your rubber floor mat evenly with the help of the spray pipe
  • Now add in the rubber floor mat cleaner for the car and let it settle for 5 minutes
  • After this, scrub your car floor mat with the help of the scrubber brush gently
  • Now, wash your floor mat thoroughly with water and let it dry out in the air completely before putting it inside the car floor again

●   How to clean scraper floor mats?

Scrapper floor mats are best suited for offices and clinics where a large number of people enter with their dirty shoes. The process to clean scraper mats is pretty much easy. The list of equipment you will need is

  • A good quality floor mat cleaner machine
  • A dusting brush

Look at the process now

  • Though you can wet clean scraper floor mats, dry cleaning them is much easier and recommended
  • Put your scraper floor mat in a place where you can clean it
  • Next, use a good-quality floor mat cleaner machine to remove every piece of dust stuck on the mat. The hoover floormate hard floor cleaner is a good choice to opt for
  • Next, use your dusting brush to dust away any remaining dust particles.

●   How to clean coco floor mats?

Coco mats are made up of fiber and are primarily placed in the entrance to trap dust and dirt. Keep reading further to know about how to clean coco floor mats properly. First, check out the list of equipment you will need to clean coco floor mats

  • 2 separate buckets filled with warm water( keep special note that the water should be lukewarm and not boiling)
  • A mild floor mat cleaner or soap water
  • A brush with soft bristles (using a brush comprising hard bristles can damage your coco floor mat)
  • A vacuum cleaner or floor mat cleaner machine (This is optional)

Now, dive into the process

  • At first, emerge your dirty coco floor mat into a bucket full of lukewarm water
  • Add a mild floor mat cleaner solution to it. The weather tech floor mat cleaner is a worthy choice to opt for
  • Let it sit in the water for a few minutes before you can scrub it gently
  • Next, remove the coco floor mat from the bucket and put it in the other bucket of warm water, and rinse it minutely
  •  Next, let it out to dry. After it has dried you can use the floor mat cleaner machine to remove every last bit of dirt particle.

●   How to clean wiper mats?

The wiper mats are far more efficient than other floor mats such as scrapper mats. These floor mats are capable of collecting more dust and debris than other floor mats. Hence, people prefer these floor mats a lot more. Besides being highly efficient, the wiper mats are hassle-free to clean. The tools required to clean wiper floor mats are

  • An efficient and reliable floor mat cleaner machine
  • A soft-bristled brush
  • A duster

Check out the super easy procedure to clean up your wiper floor mat

  • Take out your wiper floor mat somewhere outdoor
  • Dust it nicely with the help of the duster
  • Use the soft-bristled brush to give it a gentle dry scrub
  • At last, use your floor mat cleaner machine to clean it up thoroughly

Some extra cleaning tips for your floor mats

  • Don’t forget about the underneath of your floor mat – Just don’t clean up your floor mats but also clean the ground underneath it to ensure proper cleaning.
  • Do not abandon vacuuming your floor mats regularly – If you vacuum your floor mats daily, they will remain clean and would last for a long time. If it is not possible to vacuum your floor mats daily, you can at least try to vacuum them 4 times a week.
  • Stay away from wax – If you are using aluminum floor mats, make sure not to use any kind of wax or polishing substance as it can damage the mats.
  • Say no to boiling water – Whenever you are washing your floor mats with water, keep a special note that you don’t use boiling hot water. Always go for lukewarm water else, your floor mat will start to wear off.

Closing notes

Using floor mats is a necessity in every household to keep your house clean of dust and dirt. Also, floor mats are useful to keep away the carried bacteria and diseases from the house that travel along your foot. Clean up your floor mats often to get the best of them. Take reference from this article and clean your floor mats with proper technique.