. Things You Need to Know About The UFO High Bay LED Lights

Things You Need to Know About The UFO High Bay LED Lights

UFO High Bay

Large interior areas demand bright, clear lighting for optimal functionality; hence, commercial property owners seek out lighting choices. Even though there are other solutions available, high bay lighting has grown in popularity.

As its name implies, high bay lighting is often used to illuminate areas with high ceilings. The high-ceiling runs from 20 to 45 feet, while low-bay lights are used for ceilings of 20 feet or less. Therefore, a high-ceiling site needs a high bay lighting system with ufo led high bay light 150w in order to illuminate the whole area.

UFO High bay lighting is an ideal option for commercial and industrial applications. Generally, property owners choose these lighting options due to their many features and advantages. These lights are ideal for lighting warehouses and storage facilities.

These high-powered LED UFO high bay lights may also be used in conference halls, event centers, wedding halls, and any other location with a ceiling height of 20 feet or more.

Proper lighting acts as a mood booster and generates more good energy than low lighting. High-bay lighting is an ideal choice since bright light increases the productivity of workers and generates a happy atmosphere.


Using reflectors will help you to customize the beam angle and light output of your UFO high bays. Your intended beam angle will also impact the appearance of your fixtures. Attaching aluminum reflectors will provide a 100° beam angle while keeping the elegant aesthetic of the UFO high bay. Using polycarbonate lenses will provide you with a 70-degree beam angle and a traditional metal halide high bay appearance.

Movement Sensor

Similar to the linear high bay, the UFO high bay may be fitted with an energy-saving motion sensor. Your business UFO lights will only activate when they detect motion, decreasing their time and improving their lifespan. When no motion is detected, the high bay fixtures will dim and then turn off after a brief period of time.

Mount the motion sensor on its heatsink or metal reflector for a detection area that encompasses 360 degrees. It has a 26-foot radius and a maximum height of 49 feet, allowing you to hang your UFO high up without restriction.

Different Mounting

The integrated hook enables rapid installation of the UFO high bay. You may replace the hook with conduit tubing or a yoke if you want a more secure mount. The former will let you pendant mount the UFO high bay as you usually would, but will have a strong fit, preventing the fixture from moving. This is a perfect option for open-air facilities, such as aviation hangars, where wind freely flows. A yoke will provide the same snug fit while also allowing you to wall-mount the UFO high bay at an angle.

Consider Lumens and not Watts

Why use lumens? In fact, more energy-efficient light bulbs use less energy to provide the same level of brightness; they consume less energy. We assess the energy efficiency of high bay LED lighting by lumens per watt: the greater the figure, the better the performance! At the same 100 W power output, various light output luminaires create varying degrees of illumination.

Therefore, depending simply on watts precludes customers from comparing classic incandescent light bulbs to more energy-efficient light bulbs, such as compact fluorescent light bulbs.

LED is the most steady, safe, eco-friendly, and light-efficient artificial light source presently used by humans.

The curves of each hue indicate the many forms of efficiency of artificial light sources (lights), which all fluctuate over time.

In the 1880s, when the incandescent lamp was introduced, its light output was very poor, almost less than 20 lm / w.

Then, as time passes and technology advances, the luminous efficiency of incandescent bulbs increases. As a result of its lighting principle, however, it can achieve no more than 20lm/w.

The halogen lamp has a general increasing tendency in the growth of the river, but its underlying design prevents its luminous efficiency from being greatly enhanced.

Despite their advancements, alternative light sources are not as quick as LED lights.

Since the introduction of white LED bulbs, it has only taken a few years to boost their light output to 160lm / w; up until recently, their luminous effectiveness has been quickly improving.

Ufo High Bay Vs. Linear High Bay

You may ask why you should choose a UFO high bay if the linear high bay is equally effective. Other than their forms, there are significant distinctions between the two.

As stated before, the beam angles of the UFO LED high bay may be honed using polycarbonate reflectors to suitably light a limited area. Our LED UFO lights are suitable for shallower, more open areas because of their circular diode arrangement and brightness range. LED linear high bays, on the other hand, feature a longer diode configuration to provide a broader beam angle. They function optimally when installed higher on the ceiling, giving them a good choice for confined locations such as high-rising aisles.

The light distributions of the two high bays vary due to their distinct shapes. Another reason why linear high bays are ideal for lighting aisles is that they provide a rectangular, consistent light beam. High bays of UFOs emit a circular light beam.