. 10 Best Blue Light Glasses Benefits

10 Benefits of Blue Light Glasses

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We spend the major part of our day staring at screens. Whether computers, phones, laptops or televisions, or others, all of them emit blue light. It is radiation that cannot be controlled by dimming the brightness or by using various apps available on the internet which partially filter out the blue light but the excessive dimming effect that they have can also cause strain on the eyes of the user. Recent research has shown that blue light can cause problems like dry eyes, eye strain, macular degeneration, and even partial blindness and thus the search is on for the best blue light glasses.

Do Blue Light Glasses Help with Headaches?

Blue light glasses, in general, are built to filter out the blue light which might enter our eyes after being emitted by screens. Thus they can help with various problems caused by blue light radiation such as headaches, eye strain, dry eyes, and so on. What must be noted is one must also regulate one’s hours of screen use and not just wear blue light glasses.

Can I Wear Blue Light Glasses all the Time?

Since they have no adverse effect on the eyes, they can be worn all the without being at any risk. However, it might cause strain on your nose and other facial muscles. However, if you spend a lot of time working with screens, then, as an occupational hazard, you will have to wear blue light glasses for a major part of the day. Thus one must keep in mind to choose only the best blue light glasses. The best blue light blocking glasses also work as the best blue light glasses for gaming and protect various other sorts of glare.

Where to Buy Blue Light Glasses?

Blue light glasses can be brought to any place selling ophthalmological equipment or optical equipment. Big retailers who sell ordinary shades or glasses or lens also sell blue light glasses. You can also find the best blue light glasses on Amazon and other similar websites. When it comes to specifications, there are no specific types other than blue light glasses or blue light blocking glasses. Apart from that, there are blue light glasses for men and women, blue light glasses for kids, and also blue light glasses for gaming. In case they are prescribed by an opthalmologist or such, there are also prescription blue light glasses, with a definite set of characteristics according to what you need.

Benefits of Blue Light Glasses

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The best blue light glasses have a range of benefits to offer to the user and are easily available in the market. Further on, we shall take a look at the 10 best benefits of Blue light glasses.

  1. Prevention of Sleep Disruption

One of the most adverse effects of blue light is sleep disruption. Short wavelengths of blue light emitted by phones, computers, laptops, or televisions screens delay the release of melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone that is naturally released in our brains a couple of hours before our normal bedtime. For those with tremendous work pressure and who are unable to turn off their screens a couple of hours before bedtime, blue light glasses are the answer to a night of deep sleep.

2. Lessening of eye strain

Working in front of a screen throughout the day can cause tremendous eye strain. Blue light prevents the eyes from focusing and thus one has to strain his or her eyes to read something on the screen. Tests show that blue light glasses help one to work longer without straining the eyes. They increase the contrast on screen thus helping one to focus and thus reduce eye strain.

3. Prevention of headaches

Blue light emitted by screens can trigger migraines and thus cause immensely painful headaches. The best blue light glasses prevent headaches caused by blue light by blocking the blue light. They also help reduce and prevent migraine attacks.

4. Reduction of risk of eye diseases

As mentioned earlier, blue light is dangerous enough to cause an array of eye diseases as they directly reach and affect the retina by getting past the cornea or ordinary lenses which can reduce the blue light but not completely prevent it. Thus the best blue light glasses help prevent a large of serious eye diseases.

5. Reduction of the chances of Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Age-Related Macular Degeneration is one of the vital causes of blindness. Blue light glasses can help prevent or at least delay this process by preventing the blue rays from affecting our eyes, by blocking them. Thus, in the long run, they might help prevent blindness.

6. Reduction of the discomfort of the eyes

Long hours of work in front of a screen can cause eye discomfort which is known in technical terms as digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome. Blue light glasses can help prevent this by blocking the blue light from entering our eyes from the screens. Regular breaks can also help and together, they can help boost productivity.

7. Controlling cortisol release

Cortisol is a hormone, which, when released, makes us feel stressed. It also helps to keep blood sugar levels and blood pressure under control. Prolonged exposure to blue light can cause fluctuations in cortisol release and thus wearing blue light glasses can keep cortisol levels in check.

8. Helps shift workers

People working the night shift are at high risk for circadian rhythm disruptions and fluctuations. This can cause several serious illnesses such as heart diseases, cancer, obesity, digestive problems, and so forth. Blue light glasses can help prevent such diseases many of which can prove to be fatal by helping shift workers regulate their internal body clocks.

9. Boosting productivity

As mentioned earlier, blue light glasses can help in a wide variety of ways. They prevent diseases, many of which are serious enough to be fatal, and also prevent other problems which help people, mainly those with long work hours in front of screens, work more efficiently and thus boost productivity as well as ensure the wellbeing of the workers concerned.

10. The devices are here to stay

As days pass, the involvement of technology and thus screens that emit blue light will only increase in our lives. Thus, it can be easily predicted that our eyes and bodies will be exposed to more and more harmful effects of blue light and other such emissions every day. Unless science comes up with a way to efficiently reduce blue light emission to harmless levels, the most easily available solution to the problem of emission of blue light is choosing the best blue light glasses which will help you in more ways than one as they not only protect your eyes but also your brain and help you regulate your sleep cycle and body clock properly.


Since they come with a lot of benefits, one might think the best blue light glasses which are available are out there are quite expensive. However, it is not so. They are quite affordable and we’ll be within the budget of the common man. However, it is advised to take the advice of an opthalmologist or an optician before purchasing and using a blue-light-blocking glass.