. Ludmila Cardoso is Making Waves in the Ever - Changing World of the Beauty Industry

Ludmila Cardoso is Making Waves in the Ever-Changing World of the Beauty Industry at Her Studio ‘Le Maquillage’

Ludmila Cardoso is Making Waves

The beauty industry is an ever-growing space where the possibilities for newer and improved products are endless. From UV protection, LED for burn treatments, skin peel, and laser hair removal we have come a long way. Products used to enhance one’s natural beauty have become safer, unlike the chemicals that were used up until a few years ago that would affect the user adversely in the long term. Aside from new products, there has been a rise in painless and effective procedures that help diminish the blemishes a person might have. Most of these blemishes are related to skin, such as dark spots, dark circles, scars, and stretch marks.

Ludmila Padre Cardoso is an expert at dermo pigmentation, who specializes in this particular area of the beauty industry at her studio Studio Le Maquillage. It is a reference studio with expertise in dark circle neutralization, lip micro pigmentation, nano-blading, hydra gloss, and many other treatments centered around facial and skin care.

Ludmila is one of the leading Dermo-Pigmentators in Brazil and has quite the reputation and authority in the beauty market. Her clients don’t only include people from Brazil but from the USA, India, Israel, and various other countries. Apart from performing these techniques, Ludmila also posts videos, tutorials, and masterclasses about her procedures on different platforms such as YouTube and TikTok. She also teaches a course on Dark Circle Neutralization, in English, on a platform that offers various courses on multiple topics online. She wants to help others by sharing her knowledge with anyone who wants to learn.

In recent years, people have begun to actively embrace their skin blemishes as a part of their natural beauty, although some people still feel the need to be free of them as they believe it would help them feel more confident and beautiful. Ludmila helps her clients gain self-esteem and confidence with her state-of-the-art procedures, yielding excellent results.

Since these procedures are still relatively unknown to many people, Ludmila’s end goal is to take her techniques and make them mainstream knowledge. Regardless if one is a man or a woman, everyone has a right to feel beautiful in their skin, and Ludmila is one such person who helps people feel good about themselves.

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