. Best Review- Real Technique Miracle Sponge

Real Technique Miracle Sponge Review

Real Technique Miracle Sponge

Hi, beauties! In a short time, I’ve learned a few important and basic things about makeup. The important thing is to choose the right foundation according to skin tone, but the most important thing is that I learned the importance of a beauty blender or beauty sponge. It can be seen in most women’s bags who like to wear makeup. Makeup-addicted women always carried it in their bags. It is a very helpful and usable thing for makeup.

A beauty blender is a name of a brand. There is various type of beauty sponge available in the market but today I will share with you in my personal opinion about real technique miracle sponge. 


Real technique miracle sponge is budget-friendly. It costs around $6- $8 on amazon. If you are comparing it with a beauty blender then a beauty blender costs around $20. It will be more and more affordable than a beauty blender.


Real technique miracle sponge packed with a hard transparent plastic box. This sponge color is orange and it is shaped like a beauty blender. It blends foundation and concealer flawlessly. It gives you a smooth finishing of makeup. You can use it for applying compact.

How to Use Real Technique Miracle Sponge

First, you have to soak real technique miracle sponge in the water. It soaks 50% of the water. Squeeze the excess water from it. After applying foundation blend it with real technique miracle sponge. It gives you flawless, smooth finishing. It will good product for beginners.

How to Clean Real Technique Miracle Sponge

Thank god! It can clean with any mild shampoo. Don’t need to buy any beauty sponge cleaner. After washing you can store it in the same transparent plastic box.

I hope it will help you out to find a beauty sponge which is really good and budget-friendly and also good for travel. take care!