. Best Crispy Potato Chips Recipe with Chili Flex

Best Homemade Potato Chips Recipe with Chili Flex

Potato Chips Recipe

Best time to make Potato Chips Recipe is summer. In India people who live in a village like to make papad (chips) at home. They usually dry them in the front of sunlight at their terse or their yard. Potato chips are one of the tastiest and crispy food item in India.

Papad (Chips) comes in many varieties like masala papad, Potato Papad(potato chips), mango papad, Rajasthani papad, ginger papad, garlic papad, etc. Indian people like to eat papad with their meal. Papad (chips) also uses in Indian thali. Most people like to eat fried papad some people like baked papad. Some people like to have papad with their meal and some people after a meal, but my personal favorite to eat papad with chutney. It’s delicious. there are various type of potato chips they like to eat. Mostly mustard oil and sunflower oil is used to fry papad in Indian’s kitchen.

There is no competitor like potato chips. The taste of the potato chips is always my favorite. It is easily available in the market or online store. There is many different way available to make potato chips but today I will let you know the easiest ways to make crispy, yummy, delicious Indian style crispy Potato Chips Recipe with chili flex

Ingredients to make Potato Chips Recipe

  • Aloo(potatoes) 3kg
  • Dried red chili 50gram (You can add it with your choice)
  • Black paper powder 2tbsp
  • Black cumin 1tbsp
  • Salt for taste

Potato Chips Recipe: Potato Dough Making Process

Take a big pot and add water and potatoes to it. Let it boil. Close the pot with a lid.  The lid helps to boil the potatoes. You can add some salt to it (optional).

When it started to boil you can make the chili flex or you can make it previously. You just have to do take the chilies into the mixture grander and slide it for 5 to 7 second. Check once if it’s not turn in to chili flex then do it again.

After perfectly boil peel the potatoes when it’s touchable. Do not let the potatoes become cold. You have to do it when the potatoes are in hot condition. Otherwise, it ruins the texture, and also it doesn’t get ready perfectly. to make Indian Style crispy potato chips the follow the rules. This is a very important step to make this potato chips recipe.

After peeling mash the potatoes. Add some mastered oil when mashing. Or you can use a greter to make the potatoes in a small tiny pieces than you can mash the potatoes easily. Mash it perfectly.

Add chili flex, black pepper powder, black cumin in it. Mix them very well.

Potato Chips Recipe making process

Crispy Potato Chips

Take 2 big stainless steel plates, a transparent thin plastic wrapper, and a big clean white cotton cloth.

Take some oil in your hand. It prevents the stickiness of the aloo (potato) to your hand. Take a small amount of aloo dough and give it a round ball shape to swipe your hand in a circular motion. Repeat this process.

After the entire round shape potato ball ready take the transparent thin plastic wrapper into the backside of a plate.  Add some oil to the wrapper.

Take an potato ball and cover it with a plastic wrapper. Press the covered aloo with another plate. The ball-shaped aloo becomes in round roti shape. Remove the upper plastic cover to the aloo. Take the lower portion and slowly put the roti-shaped aloo into the white cloth.

Repeat this process until the all aloo ball is done.  Put all roti shaped aloo into the white cloth The final process, takes the white cloth in front of sunlight. Let it dry in sunlight. If you don’t have sun light in your apartment then put roti-shaped potato in a tray and use an oven to dry it.

after dry, you can fry it or bake it. it is tasty more than you think.


  • You can store it for later.
  • Do not store it in refrigerator.