. 10 Short Nail Ideas for Instant Elegance

10 Short Nail Ideas for Instant Elegance

Short Nail Ideas

Everyone loves to doll themselves up for beauty or to gain confidence through their looks. Especially girls love to decorate their nails with designs or different colors. However, maintaining long nails can be a problem as women have to work in the house or the office, so there is a high chance that the designs will get ruined or broken. This article will explore 10 different short gel nail designs that can instantly radiate elegance. Because girls recently prefer short nail ideas, which can be classy and a fun and creative way to express themselves.

10 Elegant Short Nail Ideas for Instant Elegance

1. French tips

Why choose French tips?

As days go going, people are adapting new styles to look good. Nail art also came into fashion, and people with different nails are trying different styles on them.  French Tips is a nail design made for those individuals who are unable to grow or don’t want big nails but want them beautiful. The best thing about this art is that it is simple and looks classy, and one can do it on any occasion.


As nail art is advancing and becoming the trend, everyone wants to try out it on their nails. However, some people are unable to grow big nails for themselves. French tip short nail design is a blessing for them, they can try it on themselves with different shapes and colors. Also, it is possible with this style that they can draw on their nails and try portraying their mood.

Tips and care:

This nail art is simple individuals just need to be careful and, before starting, should create a thin outline on the tips of the nail. The best thing you can use if it’s your first time, is that paper to draw the line and also complete the design without spreading the colors up. 

2. Ombre nails

Why choose Ombre Nails?

For women styling and dressing up is incomplete without doing her nail design manicure, and women love to play with colors. Ombre short gel nail design gives them the privilege to mix colors and make their nails look beautiful. This style of short nail design is common and simple to put on. The best part is it goes with casual and formal looks. Women can just use maroon and black, and it’s done for any occasion. 


The women who have lots of nail polish in their wardrobe and not getting any fashionable short nail ideas. They can now just mix those nail colors and make a brand new classy design for themselves, which will make them stand out from others. Women can choose how they want to mix and put the colors on their nails, they can go for creating shapes on a plain background, and they will be ready for the day.

Tips and care

Putting a mixture of colors on short nails can be a difficult task for you. So the tip can be that you use paper and cut it into the shape. However, before that, put the background color you want after that, let it dry for a few minutes, and place the paper on that nail, which will cover the background and let you paint the part in the shape you want it to look.  It will be easy for the first-timers and for the pros, you can also try it as it’s for your beauty, which means safety comes first, ladies.

3. Glitter nails

Why choose Glitter nails?

Whenever there is a party or festival, women try to put their best in how they look, and for that, they put a lot of time and effort into their short-nail ideas. Big or short nails don’t matter as it’s the right of women to do nail art and design on them. As women want to shine in a party and want to be the center of attraction, we understand that part. Glitter nail designs are the perfect nail art that should be used for party-like occasions. 


There are many variations of a nail style just do your research properly before starting a nail art on yourself. Glitter nail art also has variations for long and short nails, and we want you to look beautiful with the design you choose. The glitter nail design looks good when applied in a small amount, but mixing different glitters can also work, and like the previous art style, girls can put glitter in shapes to make it stand out more.

Tips and care

Doing glitter nail art ideas on your hand can get complicated. However, it should not stop you from doing it. There are a lot of things you can do to make the nail look exactly as you want just be careful while doing it. First thing first, you should put on nail paint for the background then, for the glittering part, apply a small and little amount of glitter on the nail so it doesn’t come off.  

4. Matte nails

Why choose Matte nails

women always consider everything carefully even their nail paints. Every woman loves non-shiny colors like matte black. They use this as their nail paints but are not aware that they’re doing Matte nail art.


As said previously women use matte color nail paint but are not aware of the nail art. That is why we are here. Matt nail art is always classy and you can do it on any occasion plus can go for any matte color as you like with different combinations it will look good.

Tips and care

Putting on matte short nail ideas is easy just go for it in one go then cover the untouched area. Take care of your nails every day it is not like that you have to put in a lot of effort to maintain them. Just go on them and your designs will stay on your nails for a longer.

5. Metallic nails

Why choose metallic nails?

As styles are going wild in the world people are wearing bold dresses and also wearing different clothes which demands some bold nail art ideas. Metallic nail art can go into that category where you want your nails to shine and also be visible to daylight eyes.


For short nail ideas, there are many print variations that you can go for. You just need to ask the shop owner for the perfect shade. Metallic nail paint colors can be limited as the name suggests but that doesn’t mean there cannot be an experiment mix out two metallic paints on your nail and go for it.

Tips and care

Metallic paint is shiny to daylight and people usually put a big layer of it on nails. Don’t do that it as a small scratch on the nail can easily remove the color. To prevent that always try to quote your nails with a lighter layer of metallic paint and mostly use two strokes.

6. Jewel-toned nails

Why choose Jewel-toned nails?

Nail paints with vibrant are always liked by individuals seeking to make a manicure that stands out the most. The jewel-toned short nail idea is also one of those nail paints that stand out the most due to its stunning appearance and array of colors. People always consider nail art that suits them, and jewel-toned art is nail art that has multiple styles, and it can provide elegance and confidence to the person who has done it in his hand.


Nail art can be done in multiple ways the jewel-toned nail art also has ways in which it can be demonstrated in the hands of a person as per her choice and fashion. The most famous ones are single tone, mixing of multiple colors, or we can say having a huge set of gradient and jewel-toned accents.

Tips and care

Whenever a person is going for a jewel-toned nail art, she should be aware of the procedure and if his considering doing it from a professional’s end. Always do research before going to a shop for nail art, and if you are doing it on your own, just make sure that you know the whole procedure, and you should have all the required materials for doing that.

7. Nude nails

Why choose nude nails?

As we were discussing short nail ideas there is another one which is made for people who don’t like glittery or shiny fashionable products. Nude nail art is a special idea where women who don’t want to go shine can also apply it to themselves to be a fashion woman, and the benefit of doing this art is that it makes your nails look longer if you have short nails.


As the name suggests, nude nail is the basic color in which girls and older women put skin type color on their nails to make them look longer and more beautiful. This style is a classic and good one anyone can do it and it will suit them they can also use variations of the same color shades on their nails to be different on each day.

Tips and care

As mentioned above this nail art gives you a look of luxury and elegance, and we suggest you to cut short your nails and polish them before applying any paint on them you can also use the shimmer if you want a little shiny. Always remember a dry nail can be moistured by tea tree oil treatment regularly.

8. Pastel nails

Why choose pastel nails?

If you want to play with colors and then nail pastel art is the perfect one for you. You can do anything you want on your nails in this style and it will come out beautifully. You can use a wide range of colors and apply them on your nails as a rainbow, and the result will still be beautiful.


It doesn’t matter what color you choose and how you gonna apply it to your short nails. If you like it and think it will look good try it out. However here is a tip for you before applying it on all your nails go for only one which will give you an idea of how it looks on you. There is no limit to your imagination and variation so go and start doing your own.

Tips and care

Women care for the nails and we cannot afford to guide you wrong on that part as it is always important to us. Whenever you start your nail design keep it in mind to moisturize your short nails properly and after applying the design recoat it lightly to make it look good and to make sure that it will stay longer on your nails.

9. Animal print nails

Why choose animal print nails

People love doing experiments and because of that everything is advancing rapidly today. Women love nail art and even if it is short nails it doesn’t matter until it looks good. This animal print nail art is something interesting in which women can show their inner soul animals on their hands.


This nail art idea is something different which is created for women who want to present themselves in a wild way. You can do it on your short nails just need to think about an animal and how it looks put those colors on your nails and you are ready to show your love and wilderness to everybody.

Tips and care

As you love to show your spirit animal to everyone and be wild. Creating and putting this animal nail art is difficult. We suggest you seek out a professional nail artist near you or if you are determined to create it on your own make an outline before filling it up and then apply the whole thing on your nail to protect the other part you can use paper.

10. Floral nails

Why choose floral nails?

Women love many small and beautiful things, the two most common of them are flowers and nails. So when floral prints are mixed with short nail ideas, they make the perfect match of elegance and romance. The best part about this design is that this short gel nail design never goes out of trend and looks very classy with any outfit.


There are many flowers to choose from when going for a nail art with floral prints. Women can go with all-time favorite red roses, they symbolize love and beauty, which is why it is the most popular choice of all ladies. Ladies who are not looking for a romantic look can choose either wildflowers or small blossoms. These flowers are beautiful and have their own meaning which will make the small nail designs more attractive.

Tips and care

Flowers are very beautiful and therefore need much patience and skill to make them on small nails. Make sure to use a small brush and try to use a UV light that will help you dry your designs faster. Also, try to use a base color that is not too bold as it will overshadow the floral designs.


Every woman in this world deserves to maintain herself, and doing nail art is one of those deserving things. For nail art, anybody who is interested can do research and find out different short nail ideas. Like in our article we have assisted you in finding the perfect short nail ideas for yourself and how to do it. We believe in your beauty and we know whichever you find perfect for you will suit you.