. Spine Health Tips And Sleep Recommendations

Spine Health Tips And Sleep Recommendations

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If you don’t take care of your spine health, you can easily become the victim of excruciating back pain. Once you’ve got back pain, it can be hard to shake, and you’ll find your quality of sleep and daily life suffers immensely. However, there are simple ways that you can take care of your back, so here are some top spine health tips and sleep recommendations to allow you to relax pain-free. 

Upgrade Your Mattress

If you struggle with back pain, your mattress can be the key to the support you need while keeping your spine aligned. You may find that a firmer mattress is great for supporting your whole back. Whereas a softer one may cause your back to dip too low, putting strain on your spine. You also need to consider what position you sleep in, as this can determine the type of mattress you need. Side sleepers may actually need a softer mattress as it will cushion the side of the body while keeping your spine aligned. However, front and back sleepers will benefit most from a firmer one. This is because laying in these positions requires more support to reduce the pressure they cause. Try upgrading your Nolah Natural latex mattress, and you’ll soon see the difference it will make to your back.

Bring In More Pillows

Another sleeping tip is to incorporate pillows into your sleeping positions. Side sleepers should put one between their knees, and front and back sleepers should pop one beneath their abdomen and lower back respectively. The pillows provide you with even more support and help to naturally align your spine. They also prevent your back from curving too much no matter what position you’re in and will stop you from waking up feeling achy. This simple tip can work wonders, so be sure to grab an extra pillow!

Strengthen Your Core

Your back is supported by your core muscles, so if your core is weak, you can expect your back to feel a lot of strain and pressure day to day. In our daily lives, we might not exercise our cores as much as we should, so you may need to hit the gym or complete core-targeted home workouts. As your core strengthens, you’ll find that your spine health improves as the muscles that support it are able to do so more efficiently. Be sure to check with your doctor which core exercises will be safe for you as you don’t want to hurt your back further by pushing yourself too far.   

Try Out Massage

Everyone loves a massage, and what better excuse do you need than back pain? Having regular back massages can help align your spine and loosen up the tight muscles around it. You could even invest in a massage chair to use at home. This way you could enjoy a relaxing massage before bed, preparing your spine for sleep. It’s normally recommended that you have a slightly harder massage when it comes to your back, as something that’s too light may not be enough.  

Sit Better

We’re all guilty of sitting with incorrect posture, but over time, this can be detrimental to the health of your spine. If you’re sitting down, whether it’s at work or home, every so often, take a minute to assess how you’re sitting. The chair that you’re sitting in should allow your spine to be correctly aligned. You’ll know if it’s not because you’ll instantly feel a pulling or a pressure in your back somewhere. It’s also essential not to be sat down for hours at a time without moving. Try getting up and stretching your legs for a few minutes every hour or so. Your spine also needs movement to be healthy, so don’t fall into the trap of sitting and not moving. 

Sensible Shoes

Typically, the nicest shoes aren’t that great for your back. However, not wearing the correct shoes will not only hurt your feet, but they’ll also cause damage to your back. Shoes should be supportive and help to align your spine. Loose shoes can be terrible for your back as the heel of your foot moves around while you walk. Your shoes should fit tightly around your feet, with slight room to breathe. You want your shoes to be cushioned enough to protect your soles, but firm enough that they provide actual support. You can also find orthopedic shoe inserts that will help to truly align your back. 

Looking after your spine health takes work and a conscious effort to do better. Even if you aren’t suffering from back pain now, doesn’t mean you should reassess your daily routine. You may be okay temporarily, but you could suddenly be hit by pain or more serious conditions like a slipped disc. Try bringing as many of these tips as you can into your life and your spine will soon feel the benefits.