. Renovating Your Home for Summer – A Guide

Renovating Your Home for Summer – A Guide


Summer is the time of year at which your home will look its best – basking in the warm sunlight improves the look of any property – which is why we often look to complete home-improvement projects before the warmest months arrive. It’s an opportunity to enjoy the fruits of our labor to their maximum effect – and, of course, the best time to show off your home to guests.

As summer approaches, then, we’ll walk you through some key things to consider if you’re thinking about revamping your home.

What to renovate?

If you’re keen to have everything done and dusted once summer arrives, then the amount of time that you have between then and now could be the biggest deciding factor. A small window before summer may leave you with enough time to renovate a room, repaint your home or maybe tidy up your garden. If you’re only just coming into spring, then you could look into bigger projects such as a kitchen makeover.

Some projects can take a very long time, however, so don’t be afraid to push things back until after the summer if you don’t want your house to be a building site at the brightest time of the year. If you’re planning an extension, for example, you might want to begin work as much as six months before the start of summer in order to have it finished in time.

Budgeting and financing

Home renovations can be very costly and it’s important to be responsible with your finances so that you don’t commit to a project that you can’t afford. You could opt for a home improvement loan to help to cover the cost of the renovations, allowing you to manage the outlay in smaller repayments.

It’s also a wise idea to set up a budget for the project so that you can make sure that you don’t end up paying much more than you initially expected.

Doing DIY

For smaller-scale projects, home DIY is usually a quick and easy way to make changes to your home. If summer is just around the corner, you won’t need to spend extra time going back and forth with contracting companies – after only minimal planning, just go to your local hardware shop and get started that same day. This could mean painting or repainting walls or cabinets, building decking for the garden, or countless other tasks.

Clearing out and decluttering

Taking things away can have as big an impact on the feel of your home as adding new things. Free up extra space in your home for summer and you’ll see more of a blank canvas to inspire bigger projects in the future – plus, it’s an opportunity to make your home more eco-friendly.

Preparing your garden

Summer is the perfect chance to enjoy your garden, so prepare it to be at its best! It’s quick and easy to invest in decking or bring in new garden furniture to curate a better outdoor social space.