. The Right Way to Burn Cone Incense Perfectly

The Right Way to Burn Cone Incense Perfectly

Cone Incense

This article will cover everything about cone incense and every piece of information related to burning cone incense. Make sure that you keep reading this article till the end to learn the proper technique for using cone incense with adequate safety.

Do you know what are incense cones?

Is the term incense cone new to you? If yes, this article will be your ideal guide to learning all about incense cones and burning incense cones. At first, you need to make it clear in your head that, incense cones and incense sticks are completely different from each other. Curious to know how are they different? You will learn that in the latter part of the article. Incense cones are primarily composed of many powders and beautifully fragrant multiple essential oils. They come in cone-shaped and incense cones are however more efficient than incense sticks. If you are keen on practicing yoga and meditation you should make the use of incense cones to enhance your concentration. Incense cones release an incredible aromatic aroma that fills up the room with a beautiful fragrance including immense relaxation.

Difference between incense cones and incense sticks

  • Appearance – Incense sticks are narrow sticks around which the incense mixture is wrapped up. Incense cones come without any stick. They are cone-shaped incense mixtures.
  • Fragrance – Incense cones consist of a heavier and more aromatic smell than incense sticks.
  • Costing – Incense cones are costlier than most incense sticks.

These are just some of the many differences between incense sticks and incense cones. Now, after you have got complete information about incense cones, it’s time you learn about burning cone incense with perfection.

How to burn incense cones?

Incense sticks

Let’s take you on a quick and easy guide on how to light incense cones properly. There is a huge difference between lighting ordinary incense sticks and cone incenses. People often tend to make silly mistakes while lighting out incense cones. So, go through everything written in this article minutely about burning cone incense so that you don’t commit the same mistakes.

List of stuff required for burning incense cones

  • Incense cone burner – Depending on the size of your incense cone, you will require an incense burner cone. Make sure that you select only the accurate size of burner for your incense cone else, it wouldn’t fit in and create hassles.
  • Uncooked dry rice grains – For the improvement of the air circulation in the incense burner, you will require a small amount of dry uncooked rice.
  • Sand – If you do not have dry uncooked rice grains, you can use sand as your alternative. This will work just the same way as rice grains.
  • Matchsticks – For burning cone incense, matchsticks are mandatory. However, if you face any issues using matchsticks you can go for a lighter.

Check out the steps on how to light an incense cone

Go through the below-written steps and learn about incense cones and how to burn them.

  • The first step – First of all, gather your incense burner for cones. Use only the burner of the appropriate size for incense cone burning.
  • The second step – In the next step, use the dry uncooked rice you have gathered beforehand. You will have to place the rice grains at the bottom of your incense burner and create an even layer. The reason for this is that the incense cone will be placed on top of this layer. You can repeat the entire process with sand if you lack dry rice.
  • The third step – In the third step, you will need to place your cone incense burners on any unused ceramic tile. You can even place your burner on a stone countertop. Make sure to follow this step mandatorily else, things can get a bit risky. Also, especially keep note of the fact that your burner remains out of the range of any inflammable objects.
  • The final step – Now after you have set up your burner for cone incense burning, it’s time to light it up. Use matchsticks or a lighter as per your preference and light the top of the incense cone with caution. This entire process involves the use of fire. So, ensure to maintain the safety and also, always keep incense cone burners out of the reach of young children to avoid any kind of accident.

To light up an incense cone with perfection, these are the steps you need to follow.

What incense should I use?

There are numerous varieties of aromatic incense cones available in different enchanting and lavishing fragrances. You can go with any one of your preferences. However, the rose-scented and sandalwood-scented incense cones are the most popular ones to opt for. Are you trying to look out of the casual? Then, try out the lemon-scented incense cones and get rid of every bit of negativity present in the atmosphere. You can even opt for lavender scented incense cones to create a relaxing ambiance in your house. Other popular fragrances include jasmine, lilac, lily, etc. Check out online for the best incense cones and get your hands on them.

How to use incense waterfall?

Backflow waterfall incense cones are very different from regular incense sticks. Just as the name suggests, these incense cones permit the flow of smoke from backward.  As a result, when you place this backflow waterfall incense cone on a waterfall incense burner, the smoke flowing from the back of the cone gives the perfect effect of a smoke waterfall. To use a waterfall incense accurately, first of all, buy a proper waterfall incense burner. Next, place the burner carefully on a ceramic tile or stone countertop. After that, light up your waterfall incense and watch the magic!

Closing notes

This was all about burning cone incense. Use incense cones and make your yoga and meditation sessions more relaxing. If not for yoga and meditation, you can even use incense cones for spiritual purposes. The beautiful and aromatic fragrance emitted by incense cones are incredibly relaxing and considered auspicious. So, make use of incense cones and burn them accurately taking guidance from this article.