. How to Get 1 Million Instagram Followers?

How to Get 1 Million Instagram Followers?

Instagram Followers

Instagram followers have slowly become integral to every modern individual’s life. And if you are a digital creator, there is a huge chance that you rely on these numbers for growth and exposure. Right?

Many people can make a decent livelihood from their social media presence. As a small creator or business, it might seem like a far-fetched dream to have 1 million Instagram followers at your disposal.

However, as it turns out, it is indeed possible, and consistency is key to increasing your social media, especially your Instagram presence.

Additionally, some keen observations and sneaky Instagram dm cheating can help create your dream Instagram account from their aesthetic or content-based perspective and the perspective of followers and engagement.

Seven tips to get 1 million followers on Instagram.

There are many different and equally important pieces of advice that you can take from big and small creators about what kind of strategy will work for you.

Indeed a strategy is very important when creating content that will make people engage on your account regularly and even follow you after one point.

Let us discuss a few things you must remember while increasing your social media presence.

There is a lot that comes with strategy building

Everybody keeps talking about content creation strategies. However, no one sheds light on how exactly this should be done. Strategy building is about following the steps of keen observation and continuous improvement while adding a bit of trial and error to the recipe.

Indeed you have to spend quite a lot of your time initially analyzing the different types of content you have created and why one content has performed better than the other. There is a factor of time, niche, changing algorithms, and daily practices which can influence your digital performance.

Engage with your audience

Instagram Followers

Engaging with your audience is very important and has to be done in a creative and witty manner. The first step to doing this is to create content of value.

The content should be such that your audience is compelled to comment on the post, and the common should be equally heartfelt so that it can facilitate conversation under your posts or reels.

As a creator, you should directly engage with the comments being posted under your work. Another way is to set up polls and questions so your audience can interact with you regularly through your stories.

There is no single algorithm

When everybody keeps talking about algorithms working or not for them, it is important to remember that there is no single algorithm.

Simply put, there are a million different probability cues on which social media like Instagram are structured, and these cues work with each other to create the platform as we know it.

That is why though there are few general rules, we never know what might work for their particular account.

Your core content should also change

As algorithms change, we talk about changing when we post our content and how we structure our content.

Why do many Instagram accounts fail to stay relevant as their follower count reaches a certain ceiling and starts falling after that because the content they’re creating is no longer relevant?

When one formula starts working for us, we rely on that formula for everything. It is important to keep changing the formula and tailor the core content you’re creating for your audience according to time’s temporal and trend requirements.

Learn how to reuse content cleverly

These days, most creators create content for multiple social media platforms and Instagram. The current Instagram algorithm requires you to create and post content daily.

That is why learning how to reuse content that engages your existing audience while drawing in new audiences is important.

For example, many content creators are reusing their YouTube videos in the short form for their Instagram reels. There are a few different ways in which you can do this, and what works for you will be a custom experience.

Use hashtags and post regularly

In today’s world, posting has come to main posting every day. Using hashtags is equally important, even though how Instagram uses these hashtags is changing.

Instagram has become more than ever aware of your organic traffic, and it is very rare for you to go viral through posts or stories when Instagram knows your following is low.

Reels, however, have continued to gather a lot more engagement, and it is still possible to get viral through Instagram reels in many countries.

Reels and stories over posts

Instagram posts are as good as dead. However, stories and reels, on the other hand, are more engaging to the audience and set sponsorships more easily.

There is no average number of stories you can post in a day, but most creators post at least 5 to 6 stories daily, with four being interactable.

It is good to post one reel every day, and it is also possible to reuse your reels though this should already be done rarely.


Lastly, collaborating with other creators working alongside you is just as important as collaborating and engaging with your audience.

Like any other work trying to build a follower count of 1 million on Instagram takes a lot of effort and hard work. Don’t get disheartened when results are not showing up immediately.