. The Updated Red and Green Christmas Nails

The Updated Red and Green Christmas Nail Design

Red and green are truly the colors that depict the Christmas spirit incredibly. These two colors represent joy, happiness, festivity, and whatnot! So, is it not a good idea to try out this color combination to deck up your nails for the holiday season? With the arrival of the festive season, people feel the urge to run into salons and shopping malls to elevate their appearance and wardrobe for the holidays. However, designing the nails stands as a very important step too. Check out this article to learn about some unique and creative red and green Christmas nails.

7 red and green mind-blowing Christmas nail designs

1. Green and red Snowflakes design

 This is one of the most popular nail art designs that you can try for Christmas. This design is simple yet holds a never-ending charm that can make your nails look incredibly Christmas-ready within seconds. For this design, you can go for a solid green base or red base. The next step includes painting snowflakes in the alternative color on the base. For some extra detailing, you can add occasional white touches to the nails.

2. Green and Red Polka dots

This nail art design can fit any occasion perfectly. The super simple design along with the vibrant pigment of red and green would make your nails look perfect! You can either go for a solid red base with green polka dots or vice versa. Either way whichever base color you choose among the two, your nails are bound to look great! As it is the festive season, you might want to add some special touches to your nails. Ask your designer to add some beautiful crystal rhinestones to your nails to make them look amazing!

3. Floral Christmas green and red design

 Floral designs are a big yes to go for Christmas. You can flaunt the red and green floral nail designs on Christmas and embrace the festive spirit by all means. For this Christmas nails green and red design, you can go for a neutral base and land up painting floral designs and leaves using green and red hues. Twigs and branches blooming with bright red blossoms would be a fantastic design worth trying.

4. Glazed Christmas red and green nails

It is always welcome to go for a set of shiny and glazy gorgeous nails. This Christmas is your time to flaunt your nails with this enchanting nail art design. For this design, paint your nails alternatively green and red. After that, your nail artist would add that pop of magical glaze to impart that super stunning and stylish glow to your Christmas nails. Also, this is a highly attractive yet simple red and green Christmas nail design to lock in for the holidays.

5. Glittery green and red design

who isn’t fond of shimmery nails? Some people consider glittery nails to be too much loud for casual days. The holidays are the perfect time to flaunt your shimmery nails without any guilt! You can either opt to go for alternative colors on the alternative nails. Or, you can go for the half-green and half-red designs. The glitter added to the nails would undoubtedly make your nails look so much more festive-ready. The baselines of your nails can be decked up with some gorgeous little nail crystals to give your nails that lavish look!

6. Christmas lights

What is Christmas without the Christmas lights? This mail design for Christmas is a must try to go for! This green and red Christmas nail design usually look best on white or neutral nails. Leave your nail base coated in some rich off-white or neutral hue and then comes the main part of the design. Red and green Christmas lights would look incredibly beautiful on your nails. However, if you want to portray the Christmas lights, you can simply not skip the golden color. Add golden touches to the edges of your nails or golden polka dots to give your nails the extra definition required.

7. The ‘Ho Ho Ho’ Christmas nail design

Just as the name suggests, this design truly represents the Christmas spirit. Why don’t you go for an incredibly playful and interesting nail art design? For once in a while step out of the basics and try something new! Paint half of your nails green and the other half red. Now all that is left is to write the words ‘ho-ho-ho’ on them. This nail design is a great red and green Christmas nail design to go for on Christmas.

Closing notes

Now that you know about the most popular and amazing red and green Christmas nail designs, get your nails done right away! People often leave their nails to be done at the last moment which overall looks average. Don’t repeat this mistake this time! Take reference from this article and deliver your nails with the most amazing red and green Christmas nail designs to make them look perfectly Christmas-ready!