. How To Do Beautiful Blue Ombre Nails?

How To Do Beautiful Blue Ombre Nails?

Blue Ombre Nails

Ombre nails look great with any nail length size. Whether it be your long nail extensions or your natural medium or small-length nails, everything can fit perfectly in the box of ombre nails. They have been extremely on trend for the past few years.

So if you are thinking of painting your nails blue but cannot figure out what style in blue you should give it a go, then, just in case you have not tried it yet, try getting yourself blue ombre nails. They give you the perfect blend of a traditional, timelessly classic look with a touch of modern chic beauty.

Are you thinking about how to do blue ombre nails and what designs you should give a go? Then you are at the right place; we will guide you through the path, teach you how to do blue ombre nails, and provide you with some cool ombre designs in blue.

Blue ombre nail ideas to give a go!

Shiny blue ombre nails

This idea is for those who love sparkles, and glitters are a perfect choice. Ombre nails don’t only go well with colors; they look stunning with glitters too. For your festive look, date nights and parties glitters look perfect as blue ombre nails can suit well any colored outfit.

To achieve this glittering look, paint the entire nail bed with the base color, and then once it gets dried, apply the glitters from the tip towards the center of your nail. To begin with, use a small number of glitters and gradually increase the intensity to the point to achieve your ombre effect. Apply the top coat to protect the nails, and you are done.

Blue and white ombre nails

For the next option, we have blue and white ombre nails. Blue and white are a deadly combination. Though both are very light colors, they look absolutely complimentary and stunning and go hand-in-hand when paired up with each other. They go perfectly with your morning looks as well as your night looks.

Apply white for the base, and once the white dried, as mentioned in the steps mentioned above, apply the blue from the tip towards the cuticles till halfway down.

Blue and white nails are perfect for the ideal summer day look or if you are going on a beach vacation. You can achieve this combination with any shade of blue without worrying because white blends in perfectly with every color.

However, white with light blue ombre nails is preferably the best among all the other combinations, including white and blue.

Pink and blue ombre nails

Ombre nails look absolutely attention-grabbing when they are done in pastel shades. And what pastel shades could be better than the combination of blue and pink together? As per your preference and taste, you can put blue as the base coat, pink as the base, and the other for the top layer.

Once you have tried pink and blue ombre nails, there’s no coming back. They are going to be your absolute favorite from there on. They are elegant, sophisticated, and stunning.

Whether it be your best friend’s wedding or your own, pink and blue combined together with an ombre effect gives you the best vibes!

Simple steps to do ombre nails at home

Achieving the perfect ombre nails is not a big deal. You just need to have a bit of patience and proper knowledge. Visit Polish Pops to get your quality nail care necessities.​​​​​​​ 

Here are the tips for doing it absolutely flawlessly.

  • For the first step, you need to prepare your nails properly before you move ahead with applying any coat of your base nail Polish.
  • If possible, apply some liquid latex around the nail to protect your fingers from coming into contact with the nail Polish.
  • For the smooth transitory effect of the ombre nails, choose a light Base color to fill the entire nail. The base coat should be one such to make the transition look proper and perfect.
  • Take your favorite blue for the nail tip portion and apply it at your nail’s free edge. Drag the blue color softly and smoothly towards the cuticle tips using a small brush applicator’s tip. The movement from the free end towards the cuticle should pass a little more than the halfway middle point of the nail.
  • Now, flip whatever applicator you were using, take the base coat color and softly dab it from the cuticle towards the tip about halfway up again to have a smooth effect.
  • Keep repeating the process until and unless you achieve your ideal look. Once done, gently remove the latex layer and have your best royal blue ombre nails ready!

However, just in case you are curious to know how to do pink and blue ombre nails, the process is really simple and the same. For the base coat, apply pink and then follow the rest of the steps with blue.

While if you want to do vice versa, you can also do it by applying blue as the base and then following the steps with pink.


Now that you can get your blue ombre nails done at home, ensure you get them done for the next occasion. Apply a coat of nail protector once done with the art in order to protect the nail from getting damaged due to any kind of external force.

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