. 5 Trendy Red Acrylic Nail Design Ideas

5 Trendy Red Acrylic Nail Design Ideas

Red Acrylic Nail Design

Is there any way you can sport acrylic red nails this year and stay on top of all the wonderful nail art trends established or up and coming?

Red acrylic nails are back in style as the festive season approaches. As this time of the year will soon be followed by the wedding season and then new year’s, designers focus on constantly generating more intricate red acrylic nail designs.

Here we have composed a list of the most popular red acrylic nail ideas which people of all ages and backgrounds can wear.

Red acrylic nails Ideas

There are some great red acrylic nail designs that you can wear for all occasions. And in case you fall in love with the color red, there is always an option for you to try out more than one of these beautiful designs.

1. Black and red acrylic nails

Black and red acrylic nails have always been a staple. They are a powerful and mysterious combination that goes well with professional and intimate environments.

This acrylic red nail design option has recently gained popularity among college girls, as the retro trend of floating vibrant colors during night outs has returned.

Red and black acrylic nail kits are also often paired with green and white, completing the festive look. If you want a fresh addition to a romantic hideout, red and black are your go-to combination.

2. Red animal print acrylic nails

How about switching the regular colors of any animal print with red?

This is a fun way to play with your bold red lake as the infamous material girl. Add extravaganza to your already bold and feral look with tiny specimens of red here in there. With this look, remember that less is more.

When adding red to your animal print, the more unique you can think, the better. This probably has to do with red animal print acrylic nails being in trend right now. In such a scene, standing out will be a bit hard, isn’t it?

3. Red acrylic nails with diamonds

Red acrylic nail designs look great with a bit of sparkle. This is exactly where the blinding shine of red acrylic nails with diamonds comes in. Adding a bit of rhinestone to your nail design can be just the addition you need.

Red acrylic nails with diamonds also use some silver or white well with themselves. You can also apply nail piercing for the added effect while choosing red acrylic nails with diamonds.

This red acrylic nail option is great for a close wedding, a brilliant vacation, or just a couple of nights through which you are really feeling yourself.

4. Red ombre acrylic nails

Ombre acrylic nails are never out of style, no matter the current fashion trend. In fact, that is the beauty of these designs. You can add anything and everything from realistic to abstract on your red nails acrylic when going with an ombre.

If there are any particular ombre nails you have always wanted, switch one of the shades for a bit of red and watch heads turn on a second basis.

The rhinestone designs that we talked of before? You can always apply them to your ombre nails as well.

5. Acrylic nails red and gold

A color that has historically been paid with red is gold. They have always been used together to symbolize nobility and wealth. We are made to think of this color pair as a representation of royalty.

So when you feel like a Queen, why not try acrylic nails of red and gold?

Red and gold acrylic nails are always an ethnic choice. Explore the variety of ethnic designs that come with this color pair to understand how it is being used worldwide as a color pair of celebration and romance.


Red acrylic nails have taken social media by storm. Red is definitely the color which is in this year both for the holiday and the wedding season.

If you feel like it, in fact, you can even come up with your own acrylic red nail designs and give them to your nail stylist and realize your dream of becoming a nail art design.