. Complete Guide to FlyFi, Free WiFi of JetBlue Airways

Complete Guide to FlyFi, Free WiFi of JetBlue Airways

WiFi of JetBlue

Flying on an airplane is an extremely fantastic experience if you are not stuck with any free wifi on the flight. In that situation, you cannot connect with the outside world, while you are on the flight or enjoy any TV shows or stream any movies. The journey becomes a boring one if it is a long one.

But now, JetBlue has started free WiFi services on their domestic flights which are known as FlyFi which allows you to connect to a 15mbps high-speed internet from the time of takeoff till the flight has landed.

JetBlue Airways WiFi

JetBlue is one of the largest airlines in the world in the terms of the number of passengers carried. This airline is quite new in its field as it commenced its operations in the year 2000.

Although it is new in the field, JetBlue has expanded a lot, and now with this new service, it has gained a lot of popularity. The WiFi has been provided by the renowned company – Viasat which is famous for providing in-flight internet connectivity.

The WiFi service is gate-to-gate, that is you will not have to wait for the flight to takeoff in order to use its FlyFi services. As soon as you are on the flight, you can connect to the WiFi and connect to the outside world until you leave the aircraft.

Cost of the JetBlue Airways WiFi

The cost for the in-flight WiFi has been set to $0. Yes, it is true. You can now enjoy videos, send emails or messages, stream Netflix and scroll through reels without any cost. The speed is also very decent which has been set to around 15mbps to 20mbps.

How do the JetBlue FlyFi works?

Any airplane that provides in-flight WiFi, uses the air-to-ground system, a method that connects it to all the cell towers on the ground. This is how JetBlue WiFi provides in-flight internet to passengers. But there is one drawback – the passengers sometimes face some connection problems when the flight is flying over water bodies. 

JetBlue FlyFi

But in the case of JetBlue, FlyFi Con uses the Ka-Band WiFi system in which the aircraft has an antenna fixed on its top that connects to the satellites in place of the cell towers. There is one drawback of this setup.

It increases the drag which in turn, increases the fuel consumption and the price of the tickets. Still, the airline has decided to go with it as it provides nearly 7 times faster internet so that the passengers do not feel bored.

This is the reason why people prefer to travel with JetBlue as it offers a better service to its customers as compared to some major airlines like American Airlines and Delta Airlines which cost you around $16 for access to the in-flight WiFi.

How to Connect to the JetBlue Free WiFi?               

There are certain steps that you need to follow before you connect to the free WiFi of JetBlue.

  • First, you need to make sure that the WiFi feature on your mobile is enabled. If it is not enabled, go to settings and turn off the WiFi.
  • Search for the available WiFi connections.
  • Then, when the FlyFi is available, select it.
  • Connect to FlyFi.
  • Then you need to start your internet web browser, open www.flyfi.com, and follow all the FlyFi sign-in instructions.
  • After you are done with it, you can easily enjoy browsing the internet.

Advantages of JetBlue Free WiFi     

  • It provides better speed of internet as compared to other major airlines.
  • All the internet services provided by this airline are completely free of cost.
  • There are no connectivity issues while the aircraft is flying over water as it is connected to the satellites.
  • You do not need to wait for the plane to take off in order to enjoy the WiFi.


JetBlue is the only airline that provides this WiFi service for free. The passengers have fallen in love with this feature of this airline which has led to the growth of JetBlue to this extent.

From starting in the year 2000 to becoming one of the largest airlines in America, JetBlue has come a long way. They still look forward to serving their customers in every way possible so that there is no problem while they are traveling.