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5 Best Indian Famous Tea Recipes

Indian Famous Tea

India’s most the most consumed drinking beverages is Tea. Maximum Indian people wake up in the morning and start the day by drinking tea. Many people like to have tea not only in the morning but also in the afternoon. Tea can be made in many ways. Today I will share with you some Indian Famous Tea recipes. Let’s know how to make it.

Keshar Tea

Kesar tea is one of the most famous beverages in India. Kesar is also known as saffron. Keshar is the key ingredient of this Kesar tea.

  1. To make Indian special Kesar tea, you need milk, which should be full-fat milk, sugar, and black tea powder.
  2. Boil the milk in a pot. When the milk started boiling add sugar to it. Stir the milk with a spoon. Add black tea powder. Let it boil together. After a while, you can see that the milk change its color into brown and also started to make foam.
  3. After boiling for 1 minute add a pinch of Kesar into the tea. If you won’t have Kesar then you may use Kesar flavor to make Kesar tea and boiling the tea again.
  4. After 2 minutes of boiling, you notice the beverage becomes darker in brown shade. Turn off the heat. And strain the tea into a cup and sprinkle some Kesar on top of the tea to look good.Here is ready Indian special Kesar tea. The flavor of saffron can steal your heart.

Malai Tea: Indian Famous Tea

Malai tea is one of my favorite drinking beverages. Malai is the key ingredient of malai tea. S lets know the making process.

  1. Boil milk in a pot on low flame. Low flame help to make a layer of milk called malai. Malai knows as named cream. Boil the milk until the malai become thick.
  2. Aside take a pot and boil half a cup of water in it. Add 1 spoon of black tea powder. Boil the water until the color become dark brown or similar to black. Turn of the heat. Take a teacup and fill the half cup with milk with malai. Add black tea into the milk. You can add it to your taste. Add sugar powder and stir it with a spoon. Indian style malai tea is ready for taste.

Tandoori Tea

Tanduri tea is one of the popular tea in india. A cup made with burnt clay is the key of making tandoori tea.

  1. Tandoori tea means the flavor of the cup which is made with clay and burns it to make it stronger. This mud maid cup is easily available in the Indian market.  
  2. Take a burned clay teacup and let it heat into the oven or gas. The other side takes a pot and makes milk tea.
  3. When the tea is ready take the heated burn clay cup into a pot and pours the tea into it. when you started pouring the tea into the cup it started boiling and overflowing into the pot. This is the main step of making tandoori tea.
  4. When the tea stop boing and overflowing take another burnt clay teacup and pour the tea into it. Don’t forget to strain it.
  5. You can feel the burnt clay cup’s aroma in the tea. And this is called tandoori tea.

Milk Tea

Indian Famous  Milk Tea
  1. Milk tea is a daily drinking beverage in India. Take a pot and boil the milk. Add tea powder and let the milk color turn into a brown shade.
  2. When the color turns brown add sugar and stir it. Strain it and again boil the tea. It will make the tea thick and increase the taste.

Masala Tea

  1. masala tea’s key ingredient is cardamom and ginger. When you started boiling the milk add 2 small pieces of cardamom into the milk. Let it boil. Here I don’t use ginger, because I like one ingredient in masala tea.
  2. Add tea powder and sugar and boil them. After boiling strain it into a cup and enjoy your masala tea.